Practical Math Applications

  • AUTHORS: Sharon Burton; Nelda Shelton
  • ISBN-13: 9780538731157 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 464 Pages  Spiralbound 
  • 3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2005, 1996
  • ©2011     Published
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About The Product

PRACTICAL MATH APPLICATIONS, 3E offers users math skills needed for business and personal applications. The text begins with a comprehensive review of the basic math functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and progresses to fractions and decimals. Once the students have mastered the basics, they are introduced to practical applications that develop critical thinking skills. These applications include bank records, purchasing and pricing merchandise, payroll, taxes, insurance, consumer credit, and interest (simple and compound). This easy-to-follow, step-by-step approach allows students to work at their own pace. Numerous self-help tips, practice activities, and self-assessments are provided so that each student feels competent in their newly acquired skill before moving on to the next.


  • Math and Surfing the Net, included within each chapter, is an Internet feature to enrich learning with real-world applications. Users are asked to report on math-related topics researched on the Internet.
  • A Student CD, included with the book, contains the Excel files to be used in the practices and end-of-section and end-of-chapter exercises. The files provide a framework for solving many of the learning exercises within the text.
  • Math and Workplace Skills Project, located at the end of each chapter, bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace. These projects offer an opportunity to develop soft skills (as outlined in the SCANS report) with math-related activities.
  • Abundant Exercises allow each chapter to end with different types of questions, exercises, and problems to help fully explain all chapter themes and concepts.

About the Contributor

  • Sharon Burton

    Sharon Burton is a professor in the Business Studies Division at Brookhaven College. In addition, she works in the Office of New Program Development, Dallas Community College District (DCCCD) in Farmer's Branch, Texas. Ms. Burton has more than 25 years of successful instructional experience in the community college environment. Most recently Ms. Burton has specialized in designing and teaching effective Internet courses, including business math, MS Office, and business writing. Ms. Burton earned her B.B.A. from Lamar University and her M.B.E. from University of North Texas.

  • Nelda Shelton

    Nelda Shelton received her B.S. and M.B.E. degrees from the University of North Texas, Denton, Texas. She has taught full-time in the Business and Office Administration Departments of Tarrant County College, South Campus in Fort Worth, Texas. Ms. Shelton's teaching experience encompasses business math, business communications, office procedures, and introduction to accounting both in the classroom and distance learning via the Internet. She has worked part time for the U. S. Office of Personnel Management as a trainer and as an independent contractor. She has also served as a part-time instructor the Dallas County Community College District. Ms. Shelton has co-authored several successful texts in areas of business and office administration.

Table of Contents

1. Basic Math Functions.
2. Fractions.
3. Percent.
4. Bank Services.
5. Payroll.
6. Taxes.
7. Insurance.
8. Purchasing Merchandise.
9. Markup and Markdown.
10. Interest.
11. Consumer Credit and Mortgages.
12. Metrics and Currency.

New to this Edition

  • NEW, exciting 4-color design makes it easy to follow instructions.
  • NNEW Four-step plan (clues, action plan, solve, conclusion) teaches students a process to solve word problems.
  • NEW Math @ Work profiles an employee in a popular industry such as business or culinary arts and shows how math is used on a daily basis.
  • NEW Apply Math @ Work provides activities related to the career profiled in Math @ Work.
  • NEW Write About Math provides opportunities for students to write about math concepts.
  • NEW Crunch the Numbers includes activities design for handheld and online calculators.
  • NEW Personal Finance feature addresses common consumer issues and helps students understand the math.
  • NEW HOMEWORK SOLUTION FOCUSES ON CONCEPT MASTERY AND SAVES TIME WITH AUTOMATIC HOMEWORK GRADING. The new PRACTICAL MATH APPLICATIONS CNOW™, works to provide easy-to-use homework solution tools that save you time and help your students focus on what they need to learn to improve student outcomes. CengageNOW connects your students to assignable, key content, while providing you with automatic homework grades and an interactive eBook.