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Inside Phonics: Phonics Kit + Teacher's Editions

$629.25 9780736261111


Phonics Decoding Transparencies, Teacher Scripts, Sound/Spelling Cards, Letter and Word Tiles, Word Builder CD-ROM, 6 Write-On/Wipe-Off Boards and pens, Sounds & Songs CDs, Reading Practice Book Teacher’s Annotated Edition, and Teacher’s Edition

Teacher Supplements
Inside Phonics: Sounds & Songs CDs (2 CDs)

2 CD's. Corresponding audio

9780736256988 $54.50
Inside Phonics: Reading Practice Book Teacher's Annotated Edition

Student practice book activities with suggested answers. Helpful guidelines in margins.

9780736259989 $34.00
Inside Phonics: Teacher's Guide

Includes complete lesson plans and routines along with comprehensive assessment tools

9780736259996 $131.50
Inside Phonics: Phonics Decoding Transparencies

92 full color, visually ingaging transparencies, facilitating the introduction and practice of decoding strategies

9780736259705 $156.75
Inside Phonics: Teacher Scripts

Handy format for teaching with the transparencies at the overhead.

9780736259712 $56.25
Inside Phonics: Sound/Spelling Cards

46 double-sided cards with clear photographic images to introduce sounds and their corresponding spellings

9780736259729 $119.50
Inside Phonics: Letter + Word Tiles

Transparent word tiles to support high frequency word instruction and uppercase and lower case letter tiles for word building and blending at the overhead

9780736212885 $83.50
Word Builder CD-ROM

For teachers, an electronic version of the Letter and Word Tiles.

9780736262200 $76.75
Reach into Phonics Foundations K-6: Write-On/Wipe-Off Boards

6 boards and pens. Enable students to respond in lessons by writing spellings and words.

9780736259736 $27.50
Student Supplements
Inside Phonics: Reading Practice Book

For extensive skills practice and repetition

9780736260008 $11.00
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Inside Phonics: Phonics Kit

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9780736261104 (ISBN 13)

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