Microsoft® Visual Basic 2010 for Windows, Web, and Office Applications: Complete

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Authors : Gary B. Shelly; Corinne Hoisington


864 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2009, 2007

©2011 , Published


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MICROSOFT VISUAL BASIC 2010: COMPLETE teaches students the essentials of computer programming using the latest Visual Basic programming language, Visual Basic 2010. Nine chapters and four appendices cover topics such as designing a Visual Basic user interface, creating a windows application, variabl... more


Introduces students from any discipline to computer programming and code, with an emphasis on producing well-written and readable programs, using Visual Basic 2010 software.

Illustrates each step in the chapter project with the Online Reinforcement videos on the Online Companion. Encourages student... more

New to this Edition

Appendix on the topic of Silverlight – a brand new feature in Visual Basic 2010.

updated user interface.

New screen shots.

Syntax updates.