Mean Jeans Manufacturing Co.

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Author : Marie Weeks


384 Pages  Paperback 

4th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2002, 1991, 1983

©2007 , Published


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Reflecting the reality of today's technology-driven, interconnected workplace, MEAN JEANS is a small business community work-flow simulation. Mean Jeans Manufacturing Co. produces denim products and interacts with 15 other businesses in a simulated business community to bring its product to market. ... more


All forms and documents can be printed easily from the Supplies and Resources CD, minimizing prep time and busy work.

Supplies and Resources CD contains interactive business documents, PowerPoint® presentations, Assessment software, and Solutions.

Student Reference Book walks users through the sim... more

New to this Edition

Expanded Business Plan Chapter provides more comprehensive coverage and makes learning more relevant and real.

Count on new tax tables and business forms to reflect current business practices and bring reality into the simulation.