World Cultures and Geography Copyright Update

  • AUTHORS: Andrew J Milson; Peggy Altoff; Mark H Bockenhauer; Janet Smith; Michael W Smith; David W Moore
  • ©2017  | Published
  • Grade(s): 6 , 7 , 8 , 9
  • Subject(s): Social Studies


About the Program

Introducing National Geographic World Cultures and Geography, combining authentic National Geographic exploration and media into a standards-based program creating a shared experience for all students.

Prepare your students for an increasingly global future as you share The National Geographic Experience.

  • Immerse students in real-life experiences with more than 30 National Geographic Explorers
  • Accessible, scaffolded content to support geographic discovery for every student
  • Active learning for active students with more than 200 Interactive Whiteboard lessons

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About the Author

  • Andrew J Milson

    Andrew Milson is a professor of social science education and geography at the University of Texas at Arlington. He taught middle school history and geography near Dallas, Texas. Andy conducts research on geographic education and the use of geospatial technologies in education. He has published more than 30 articles and is an elected member of the Executive Board of the National Council for Geographic Education. He serves as an associate editor of the Journal of Geography.

    Dr. Milson's monograph is titled Technology in the Geography Classroom.

  • Peggy Altoff

    Peggy Altoff’s experience includes teaching middle school and high school students, supervising teachers, and serving as adjunct university staff. Peggy served as a state social studies specialist in Baltimore and as a K-12 facilitator in Colorado Springs. She was president of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) in 2006-2007 and was on the task force for the new NCSS National Curriculum Standards.

    Ms. Altoff's monograph is titled Active Learning Geography Classroom.

  • Mark H Bockenhauer

    Mark Bockenhauer is a professor of geography at St. Norbert College and a former geographer-in-residence at the National Geographic Society. Mark has extensive experience in teacher professional development. He co-wrote Our Fifty States and the World Atlas for Young Explorers, 3rd edition—both for National Geographic. Mark is coordinator of the Wisconsin Geographic Alliance, and he served as president of the National Council for Geographic Education in 2007.

    Dr. Bockenhauer's monograph is titled National Geographic Connections.

  • Janet Smith

    Jan Smith is a professor of geography at Shippensburg University. Jan began her teaching career as a high school teacher in Virginia where she served as a teacher consultant for the Virginia Geographic Alliance for many years. Her primary research interest focuses on how children develop their spatial thinking skills. Jan served as president of the National Council for Geographic Education in 2008, and she is currently the coordinator for the Pennsylvania Geographic Alliance.

    Dr. Smith's monograph is titled Thinking Like a Geographer.

  • Michael W Smith

    Professor, College of Education Temple University Dr. Michael Smith joined the ranks of college teachers after eleven years of teaching high school English. He has won awards for his teaching at both the high school and college levels. His research focuses on how experienced readers read and talk about texts, as well as what motivates adolescents’ reading and writing both in and out of school. He has written eight books and monographs, including “Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys”: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, for which he and his co-author received the 2003 David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English. His writing has appeared in such journals as Communication Education, English Journal, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Literacy Research, and Research in the Teaching of English.

    Dr. Smith's monographs include: Motivating Adolescent Readers , Teaching Writing to Adolescents, and Fostering Students’ Ability to Write Arguments.

  • David W Moore

    Professor of Education Arizona State University Dr. David Moore taught high school social students and reading in Arizona public schools before entering college teaching. He currently teaches secondary school teacher preparation courses in adolescent literacy. He co-chaired the International Reading Association’s Commission on Adolescent Literacy and is actively involved with several professional associations. His twenty-five year publication record balances research reports, professional articles, book chapters, and books. Noteworthy publications include the International Reading Association position statement on adolescent literacy and the Handbook of the Reading Research chapter on secondary school reading. Recent books include Teaching Adolescents Who Struggle with Reading (2nd ed.) and Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy.

    Dr. Moore's monographs include: Direct Instruction: Targeted Strategies for Student Success, Robust Vocabulary Instruction, Build Reading Power: Strategies for Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension Strategies, Why Vocabulary Instruction Matters, Science through Literacy, and Supporting Geography Learners with Texts.

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  • ExamView® CD-ROM provides test item banks to create tests

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