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Fluent Plus Science Big Books

$283.75 9780736271592


1 copy each of 5 titles Spanish Edition

Teacher Supplements
Ciclos de vida de los animales

Introduces the life cycles of various groups of animals. Includes butterfly and frog metamorphosis.

9780736270403 $56.75

Shows and explains how adaptations help plants and animals survive in different habitats.

9780736270427 $56.75
Las máquinas nos ayudan

People develop and use machines to meet specific needs, they make work easier

9780736270441 $56.75
Nuestro lugar en el espacio

Teaches about the solar system and Earth's place within it.

9780736271295 $56.75
La Tierra cambiante

Shows how natural forces cause constant changes to Earth's surface.

9780736271301 $56.75