Kaleidoskop, 9th edition

  • AUTHORS: Jack Moeller; Simone Berger
  • ISBN-13: 9781305869264 
  • Hardcover 
  • 9th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2013
  • ©2017     Published
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About The Product

KALEIDOSKOP features a flexible four-skills, student-centered approach that promotes communication and focuses on the literature and culture of the German-speaking world. KALEIDOSKOP is essentially two books in one--a cultural and literary reader (Lektuere with 10 Themen), and a comprehensive review of grammar (Kapitel). This combination allows maximum flexibility for instructors to design their own programs. This ninth edition also features a fully integrated short film (Kurzfilm) in every other chapter. Reading plays an important role in this text, with exercises for listening, speaking, and writing revolving around the wide range of authentic reading selections. The self-contained grammar section (Grammatik) allows instructors to work with the grammar topics in whatever order they choose; the grammar chapters may be treated independently of the reading chapters or used concurrently with the Themen of the same number.

About the Contributor

  • Jack Moeller

    Jack Moeller is retired from Oakland University after many distinguished years of excellence in teaching. He continues to be involved in the revision process of DEUTSCH HEUTE and KALEIDOSKOP to ensure the quality and integrity of the program.

  • Simone Berger

    Simone Berger, formerly an instructor at Tufts University, has returned to Germany. She provides invaluable input for authentic readings, realia, and contemporary German language.