Reach for Reading K (Read On Your Own Books): eBooks (6-year license) + myNGConnect (6-year license)

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About The Product

This set includes 1 eBook of each of 32 Read On Your Own titles, plus the corresponding myNGconnect online subscriptions (6-year license).

The myNGconnect companion website provides teachers and students with resources to enhance learning and teaching such as student and teacher eEditions, games and videos, lesson planners, Online Professional Development, and more.

Read On Your Own books promote phonics and high frequency word application with decodable texts, include fiction and nonfiction, and encompass a variety of science and social studies topics.

The 32 Read On Your Own titles are:
Man in the Moon
My Sister
The Picnic
Clap, Clap, Clap
Tap, Nan, Tap!
My Hat My Cap
Like a Ram
Look at Nan!
Can It Fit?
Look Here, Tig
A Big Bat
It Is Hot
What Is It?
What Do You Like to Do?
In the Van
What Do You Have?
I See You!
Come with Me!
I Like It Here
We Are Vets
Zig Zag
Max and Quin
Look Up
Pass the Tape
The Sun Is Up
A Home for Fox
One and All
The Good Little Pig


  • Instill the passion of reading in all the content areas, unlock the power of reading for every student, and meet the needs of your reading classroom with structured and flexible resources.

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