National Geographic Science 3 (Earth Science): Science Inquiry Kit

  • AUTHOR: National Geographic Learning
  • ISBN-13: 9780736283854 
  • Grade(s): 3
  • Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
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About The Product

The Science Inquiry Kits are plastic unit bins containing materials required to successfully complete the inquiry activities embedded in the National Geographic Science program. Activities are conveniently packaged in resealable plastic bags and labeled for easy access.


  • Built to target key science standards, National Geographic Science is a research-based, core program that brings science learning to life through the lens of National Geographic.
  • Immerse students in the nature of science and science practices, unlock the Big Ideas of science for all learners, and build scientific and content literacy.

About the Contributor

  • National Geographic Learning


Teacher Components

  • National Geographic Science 3 (Earth Science): Science Inquiry Kit Consumables Refill  (ISBN-10: 0736283943 | ISBN-13: 9780736283946)
    The Consumables Refill Kit contains necessary materials to renew Science Inquiry Kits in subsequent years. It replaces the specific materials consumed over the course of conducting and completing the hands-on inquiry activities in the National Geographic Science core program.
    Price = 273.75
  • National Geographic Science 3-5: Science Inquiry Safety Kit  (ISBN-10: 0736286454 | ISBN-13: 9780736286459)
    Applicable to any science classroom, Safety Kits provide a variety of safety materials in support of hands-on science inquiry activities.
    Price = 114.50
  • National Geographic Science 3 (Earth Science): Teacher’s Edition  (ISBN-10: 0736277374 | ISBN-13: 9780736277372)
    The Teacher's Edition is your complete resource for planning and instruction.
    Price = 64.25

Student Supplements

  • National Geographic Science 3: Science Inquiry and Writing Book  (ISBN-10: 0736277331 | ISBN-13: 9780736277334)
    The Science Inquiry and Writing Book provides instruction and support for students in performing the four levels of inquiry activities directly related to content in the Big Ideas books. "Science in a Snap" investigations are quick activities that engage students in scientific inquiry. "Think Like a Scientist" and "Write Like a Scientist" sections build understanding of the nature of science and provide opportunities for students to practice scientific writing.
    Price = 21.25
  • National Geographic Science 3 (Earth Science): Big Ideas Student Book  (ISBN-10: 073627717X | ISBN-13: 9780736277174)
    The Big Ideas Student Book delivers core science content. It focuses instruction directly on the science topics by centering chapters on Big Ideas. "Meet a Scientist" sections provide concrete examples of scientific study in practice. "Become an Expert" sections portray science through real-world contexts.
    Price = 26.00