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Avenues E: Teacher Support Pack With Reading Basics

$864.00 9780736225458


All items included in regular Support Pack, plus Instructional Overheads, Letter and Word Tiles, Audio Tape, and Teachers Scripts

Teacher Supplements
Reading Basics Tape

Recordings of 18 engaging phonics songs, poems, and chants included in the Instructional Overheads.

9780736213066 $25.00
Teacher’s Guide

Full support for delivering phonics, decoding, and high-frequency word instruction. Includes reproducible handwriting masters. A complete array of assessment tools for placement and progress monitoring.

Avenues E: Single-Along Language Songs Big Book

Includes recordings of the reading selections in the Student Book.

Avenues E: Song & Selection CDs

Engaging songs and chants for building background, language, and vocabulary. 5 CDs also include recordings of the reading selections in the Student Book.

Avenues E: Photofile Picture Cards

Grade-specific visuals tied to unit themes accelerate vocabulary and concept development for English learners.

Kidspiration 3 CD Single Unit

Kidspiration 3 CD-ROM Single Unit

9781933238913 $69.00
Instructional Overheads

92 full-color transparencies develop vocabulary, build phonics and word structure skills, offer blending and decoding strategies, and supply multisyllabic word work.

9780736212304 $147.00
Reading Basics Teacher Scripts

Provides step-by-step instruction for overhead Designed for ease of use at the overhead.

9780736212878 $48.25
Inside Phonics: Letter + Word Tiles

Transparent word tiles to support high frequency word instruction and uppercase and lower case letter tiles for word building and blending at the overhead

9780736212885 $83.50
Student Supplements
Avenues E: Practice Book

Student workbook for skills practice.