Edge 2014 Fundamentals: Student Edition + myNGconnect (6-year access)

  • AUTHORS: David W Moore; Deborah J Short; Michael W Smith; Alfred W Tatum
  • ISBN-13: 9781285806884 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
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  • 2nd Edition
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About The Product

Single copy of Student Edition and myNGconnect with 6 year license. Focused in-depth instruction in reading strategies and literary analysis, relevant literature that students can and want to read, scaffolded, real-world writing projects.


  • Reading, writing and language instruction working together to accelerate achievement.
  • Comprehensive instruction and accessible content delivered in overlapping levels make it possible to meet English learners and struggling readers at their language and reading levels, and rapidly move them to grade-level performance.

About the Contributor

  • David W Moore

    Professor of Education Arizona State University Dr. David Moore taught high school social students and reading in Arizona public schools before entering college teaching. He currently teaches secondary school teacher preparation courses in adolescent literacy. He co-chaired the International Reading Association’s Commission on Adolescent Literacy and is actively involved with several professional associations. His twenty-five year publication record balances research reports, professional articles, book chapters, and books. Noteworthy publications include the International Reading Association position statement on adolescent literacy and the Handbook of the Reading Research chapter on secondary school reading. Recent books include Teaching Adolescents Who Struggle with Reading (2nd ed.) and Principled Practices for Adolescent Literacy.

    Dr. Moore's monographs include: Direct Instruction: Targeted Strategies for Student Success, Robust Vocabulary Instruction, Build Reading Power: Strategies for Comprehension, and Reading Comprehension Strategies, Why Vocabulary Instruction Matters, Science through Literacy, and Supporting Geography Learners with Texts.

  • Deborah J Short

    Dr. Short is a division director at the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) in Washington, D.C. She has worked as a teacher, trainer, researcher, and curriculum/materials developer. Her work at CAL has concentrated on the integration of language learning with content-area instruction. Through several national projects, she has conducted research and provided professional development and technical assistance to local and state education agencies across the United States. She directed the ESL Standards and Assessment Project for TESOL and co-developed the SIOP model for sheltered instruction.

    Dr. Short's monographs include: Extend Your Students’ Reach and Move Them Toward Independence, Base Your ESL Instruction in the Content Areas, Reach for the Common Core, Structural Supports for English Learners, Comprehensive and Responsive Assessment, and Developing Academic Literacy in Adolescents.

  • Michael W Smith

    Professor, College of Education Temple University Dr. Michael Smith joined the ranks of college teachers after eleven years of teaching high school English. He has won awards for his teaching at both the high school and college levels. His research focuses on how experienced readers read and talk about texts, as well as what motivates adolescents’ reading and writing both in and out of school. He has written eight books and monographs, including “Reading Don’t Fix No Chevys”: Literacy in the Lives of Young Men, for which he and his co-author received the 2003 David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English. His writing has appeared in such journals as Communication Education, English Journal, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Journal of Educational Research, Journal of Literacy Research, and Research in the Teaching of English.

    Dr. Smith's monographs include: Motivating Adolescent Readers , Teaching Writing to Adolescents, and Fostering Students’ Ability to Write Arguments.

  • Alfred W Tatum

    Associate Professor, Literacy Education Northern Illinois University Dr. Alfred Tatum began his career as an eighth-grade teacher, later becoming a reading specialist and discovering the power of texts to reshape the life outcomes of struggling readers. His current research focuses on the literacy development of African American adolescent males, and he provides teacher professional development to urban middle and high schools. He serves on the National Advisory Reading Committee of the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and is active in a number of literacy organizations. In addition to his book Teaching Reading to Black Adolescent Males: Closing the Achievement Gap, he has published in journals such as Reading Research Quarterly, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Educational Leadership, Journal of College Reading and Learning, and Principal Leadership.

    Dr. Tatum's monographs include: Becoming An Insider: Reaching All Students, Reading Fluency, Capturing the Readers, Not Responses, and Enabling Texts: Texts That Matter.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Think Again
What Influences How You Act?
• Unit Launch, Project: Children’s Book
• How To Read
• How to Read Short Stories
• The Experiment
• Superstitions: The Truth Uncovered
• Building Bridges
• The Right Words at the Right Time
• The Open Window
• One in a Million
• Close Reading: Ambush
Unit 2 – Family Matters
How Do Families Affect Us?
• Unit Launch, Project: Documentary
• How to Read Nonfiction
• Genes: All in the Family
• How to See DNA
• Do Family Meals Matter?
• Fish Cheeks
• Only Daughter
• Calling a Foul
• Surveys on Sports
• Close Reading: The Color of Water
Unit 3 – True Self
Do We Find or Create Our True Selves?
• Unit Launch, Project: Gallery Walk
• How to Read Short Stories
• Heartbeat
• Zits
• Behind the Bulk
• I Go Along
• Theme for English B
• The Pale Mare
• My Horse, Fly Like a Bird
• Caged Bird
• Close Reading: Outliers
Unit 4 – Give & Take
How Much Should People Help Each Other?
• Unit Launch, Project: Multimedia Presentation
• How to Read Nonfiction
• Enabling or Disabling?
• This I Believe
• Brother Ray: Ray Charles’s Own Story
• Hard Times
• Power of the Powerless
• He Was No Bum
• miss rosie
• Close Reading: Household Words
Unit 5: Fair Play
Do People Get What They Deserve?
• Unit Launch, Project: Comic Book or Graphic Novel
• How to Read Short Stories
• Jump Away
• Showdown with Big Eva
• Fear
• Violence Hits Home
• Abuela Invents the Zero
• Karate
• Close Reading: Why We Must Never Forget
Unit 6: Coming of Age
What Rights and Responsibilities Should Teens Have?
• Unit Launch, Project: Ad Campaign
• How to Read Nonfiction
• 16: The Right Voting Age
• Teen Brains are Different
• Should Communities Set Teen Curfews?
• Curfews: A National Debate
• What Does Responsibility Look Like?
• Getting a Job
• Close Reading: Trashing Teens
Unit 7: Making Impressions
What Do You Do to Make an Impression?
• Unit Launch, Project: Skit
• How to Read Drama and Poetry
• Novio Boy, Scene 7, Part 1
• Oranges
• Novio Boy, Scene 7, Part 2
• Your World
• To Helen Keller
• Marked
• Dusting
• Close Reading: I Believe in All That Has Never Yet Been Spoken
• Close Reading: Make Music with Your Life


Student Supplements

  • Edge 2014 Fundamentals: myNGconnect (6-year access)  (ISBN-10: 1285775260 | ISBN-13: 9781285775265)
    Single Copy of myNGconnect with 6 year license. Focused in-depth instruction in reading strategies and literary analysis, relevant literature that students can and want to read, scaffolded, real-world writing projects.
    Price = 105.25
  • Edge 2014 Fundamentals: Student Edition  (ISBN-10: 1285439600 | ISBN-13: 9781285439600)
    Edge is a leveled core reading/language arts program designed for striving readers and ESL students in grades 9-12. Edge is designed to help prepare all students for college and career success with dynamic National Geographic content and authentic and multicultural literature. Edge was built around relevant and motivating content, preparation for success on the new CCSS tests, and systematic and focused teaching materials, all while incorporating and covering the Common Core State Standards. The reading selections in Edge were specifically chosen to engage adolescent striving readers, get students excited about reading, and create a context for discussion and learning. Program authors Alfred Tatum, Michael Smith, and David Moore have conducted decades of research on how to select literature that engages and inspires adolescent striving readers as well as incorporate best, research-based teaching practices to ensure success for all students, increase reading and comprehension levels, and prepare students for success beyond the high school classroom.
    Price = 105.25