Integrated Computer Applications with Multimedia and Input Technologies

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Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid

Authors : Susie VanHuss; Connie M. Forde; Donna L. Woo; Linda Hefferin


688 Pages  Paperback 

4th Edition

©2006 , Published


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Providing students with real-world applications and scenarios, this text combines all of the tools of Microsoft Office. Organized into distinct modules, this text provides the freedom to pick and choose the topics applicable to students' needs. An additional three modules includes coverage on mult... more


Core MOS competencies: Covers all competencies for the programs within the Office suite, with the exception of Word 2003.

MOS Tips: These tips help teach new software.

Organized into distinct modules, this flexible package provides you with the freedom to choose the applications most suited to you... more