MicroType 6 with CheckPro Network Site License DVD for Century 21™ Digital Information Management (with Quick Start Guide)

  • Includes Quick Start Guide.
  • AUTHOR: South-Western Educational Publishing
  • ISBN-13: 9781285088198 
  • Mixed Media 
  • 6th Edition
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About The Product

MicroType 6 with CheckPro is a combination software program for keyboarding instruction and document checking. MicroType 6 includes touch-typing instruction for alphabetic and numeric keyboarding and the numeric keypad, skill-building activities, games, motivating graphics, and a word processor with built-in timer. MicroType teaches correct finger placement and helps students build basic keyboarding skills, then develop speed and accuracy. CheckPro is a document-checking application specific to the Century 21 10e textbooks. When students type documents from the text, CheckPro checks keystrokes and formatting in Microsoft Word 2013, keystrokes and formulas in Excel 2013, and completion of PowerPoint 2013 documents. Both MicroType 6 and CheckPro include instructor utilities that enable teachers to indicate preferences for the way the programs will work with their classes. In addition, the programs can generate detailed lesson, timed-writing, and summary reports to track students' progress.


  • Alphabetic, numeric, skill-building, and keypad program with motivating graphics, games, and a word processor.
  • Timed writings are used with alphabetic and numeric review lessons.
  • In the Skill-building lessons, performance feedback is provided along with a skills analysis writing for the student, along with prescriptive suggestions for additional practice.
  • The textbook keying feature checks selected activities that students can key from a variety of South-Western texts.
  • CheckPro is the document checker feature for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2013 and also includes the C21 Production Tests and new documents for Word Choice and Communication Skills tests.
  • 3-D viewer that shows proper posture, hand positioning, ergonomics, key reaches, and more.
  • Voice-over instructions in Spanish.
  • A web-based reporting feature with optional instructor web site for distance learning allows easy access to student reports.
  • Software transparently uploads students records to web site if that option is chosen.
  • Teacher utilities and functions that provide individualized and classroom options.
  • A full capability grade book is also available in the Web Reporter (v.3).

About the Contributor

  • South-Western Educational Publishing

    South-Western Educational Publishing, a partner within the leading Cengage Learning, offers the most extensive selection of Business Education materials on the market today for secondary and higher education as well as corporate and retail business environments. For more than 100 years, South-Western has assembled expert authorship to deliver best-in-class business learning content to equip individuals with the tools and resources necessary to excel and maintain professional success.

Table of Contents

1. New Key Lessons.
a. Alphabetic Keyboarding L1-20.
b. Numeric Keyboarding L1-16.
c. Numeric Keypad L1-6.
d. New Key Review L1-23.
2. Skill Building.
a. Accuracy.
b. Speed.
c. Quick Review.
d. Drill Practice.
e. Textbook Keying.
3. Timed Writings.
4. CheckPro (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
5. References.
a. Word Reference.
b. Communication Skills.
6. Games.
a. Key a shot.
b. Connect It.
c. Mystery Puzzle.
d. Plate Spinner.
e. World Wide Shipping.

New to this Edition

  • Now works with Microsoft Office 2013 and Windows 8.
  • New version for new edition of Century 21 Digital Information Management 10e.
  • New communications activities for grammar, writing, and word choice.
  • Updated Word 2013 Reference Guide.