Today's Technician: Automotive Brake Systems Classroom and Shop Manual

  • AUTHOR: Cliff Owen
  • ISBN-13: 9781435486553 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 832 Pages  Paperback 
  • 5th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2008, 2004, 2001
  • ©2011     Published
  • Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid
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About The Product

TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE SYSTEMS, 5E provides comprehensive coverage of the theory and repair procedures related to automotive brakes. Your students will benefit from this book's two-volume approach: a Classroom Manual that details the theories and application of the total brake system, sub-system, and components, combined with a corresponding Shop Manual that provides real-world symptoms, diagnostics, and repair information about these systems. This book includes updated information on the latest materials used in brake systems as well as the latest information on current electronics. In addition, there is expanded coverage of electric braking systems that is general enough not to distract your students with highly detailed, manufacturer-specific information. The ASE Challenge questions at the end of each chapter of the Shop Manual and a Practice Exam in the Appendix will prepare your students for the ASE (A5) certification exam. TODAY'S TECHNICIAN: AUTOMOTIVE BRAKE SYSTEMS, 5E, offers your students all the information they need to understand, diagnose, and repair most problems that might occur with today's brake systems.


  • Contains up-to-date drawings, photos, and schematics that show modern brake technology and applications in detail, and now in full color.
  • Provides coverage of the 2008 NATEF Automobile Program Standards for Brakes in the two Manuals.
  • Includes all new content on diagnosing electric parking brakes and electric braking systems in the Shop Manual.
  • Contains coverage of ABS within a vehicle stability system, which is appearing on more and more vehicles, preparing users for work in the industry.

About the Contributor

  • Cliff Owen

    Cliff Owen is a retired Program Coordinator of the Automotive Technology program at Griffin Technical College in Griffin, Georgia. He is currently an adjunct instructor with the same program and serves as a consultant to the Automotive Program at Flint River Technical College. He holds an Associate of Applied Science Degree and is an ASE Master Automotive Technician.

Table of Contents

Classroom Manual.
1. Brake System Fundamentals.
2. Principles and Theories of Operation.
3. Related Systems: Tire, Wheels, Bearings, and Suspensions.
4. Master Cylinder and Brake Fluid.
5. Hydraulic Lines, Valves, and Switches.
6. Power Brake Systems.
7. Disc Brakes .
8. Drum Brakes.
9. Parking Brakes.
10. Electrical Braking Systems.

Shop Manual.
1. Brake Safety.
2. Brake Service Tools and Equipment.
3. Related System Service.
4. Master Cylinder and Brake Fluid Service.
5. Hydraulic Line, Valve, and Switch Service.
6. Power Brake Service.
7. Disc Brake Service.
8. Drum Brake Service.
9. Parking Brake Service.
10. Electrical Brake Systems.

New to this Edition

  • Content updated to the 2008 NATEF Standards.
  • Includes an introduction to air brakes system that adds more dimension to the overall discussion of automotive and truck braking systems.
  • Includes a detailed examination of the latest electronic braking systems from Teves and the Teves version of vehicle stability.
  • Includes the latest information on design and use of electric/electronic braking systems, including their impact on the standard brakes and their incorporation into vehicle stability systems.
  • An all new full-color art program and text design for the fifth edition.