Law for Business and Personal Use

  • AUTHORS: John E. Adamson; Amanda Morrison
  • ISBN-13: 9780538496902 
  • 688 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 19th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2009, 2006, 2004
  • ©2012     Published
  • Level(s): Flesch-Kincaid | Lexile
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About The Product

Explore the foundations of business law as well as the application of legal concepts to everyday life. LAW FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL USE, 19E, combines strong content and interactive technology with consistent, proven instruction to maintain student interest and support active learning. Coverage includes contracts, criminal law, environmental law, family law, and consumer protection. With more than 1,000 cases, LAW FOR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL USE, 19E, offers plenty of opportunities for case analysis and research.


  • A chapter on the foundations of a marriage contract and the legal aspects of divorce provides students with a real-world connection to law.
  • Career Clusters present the needed skills, education, work experience, and industry opportunities for a variety of law-related careers.
  • Online Research requires students to use the Internet to research answers and solve legal problems.
  • Mock Trial Prep features in each unit cover court and trial procedures to prepare students to participate in mock trial competition.
  • Sports and Entertainment Law feature provides current, engaging real-world cases to reinforce chapter concepts.
  • Features such as Hot Debate, What's Your Verdict?, and A Question of Ethics asks students to consider real-world examples of legal topics.
  • Economic Impact examines recent laws and their effect on the economy.
  • Case for Legal Thinking feature allows students to analyze a real case using the concepts covered in the chapter.
  • Cyberlaw covers the legal implications of electronics materials and the Internet in business law.
  • Entrepreneurs and the Law is an ongoing project that allows students to apply the law to a start-up business.
  • Winning Edge prepares students for BPA and FBLA competitive events.
  • Website at contains a wealth of online learning tools.

About the Contributor

  • John E. Adamson

    John E. Adamson is Emeritus Professor of Business and Law in the Department of Finance and General Business at Missouri State University. Adamson received a BS from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, New York; an MA in International Relations from Georgetown University; and an MBA and a JD from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville. A decorated disabled veteran and past four-term mayor and school board member of his hometown, Adamson is author of numerous business law texts, with a concentration in environmental law.

  • Amanda Morrison

    Amanda Morrison is an attorney at Generali USA Life Reassurance Company. Morrison received dual Bachelor of Science degrees in Finance and Insurance from Missouri State University and a Juris Doctor from Western New England College School of Law. She is a member of the Kansas and Missouri bars.

Table of Contents

1. Laws and Their Ethical Foundation.
Laws and Legal Systems. Types of Laws. Ethical Bases for Laws.
2. Constitutional Rights.
Foundations of the U.S. Constitution. Division and Balance of Governmental Powers. The Internet and Constitutional Rights.
3. Court Systems.
Forms of Dispute Resolution. The Federal Court System. State Court Systems.
4. Criminal Law and Procedure.
Criminal Law. Criminal Procedure.
5. Civil Law and Procedure.
Private Injuries v. Public Offenses. Intentional Torts, Negligence, and Strict Liability. Civil Procedure.
6. Offer and Acceptance.
Creation of Offers. Termination of Offers. Acceptances.
7. Genuineness of Assent.
Duress and Undue Influence. Mistake, Misrepresentation, and Fraud.
8. Consideration.
Types of Consideration. Questionable Consideration. When Consideration Is Not Required.
9. Legal Capacity to Contract.
Contractual Capacity of Individuals and Organizations. Limits on the Rights of Those Without Capacity.
10. Legal Purpose and Proper Form.
Illegal Agreements. The Statute of Frauds.
11. Contractual Obligations and Their Enforcement.
Transfer and Discharge of Obligations. Remedies for Breach of Contract.
12. Contractual Aspects of Marriage and Divorce.
Marriage and the Law of Contracts. Divorce and the Law of Contracts.
13. Sales Contracts.
Sales. Special Rules for Sales Contracts.
14. Ownership and Risk of Loss in Sales.
Transfer of Ownership. Risk of Loss and Insurable Interest in Sales.
15. Consumer Protection.
Protection through Governmental Action. Protection through Action by the Consumer.
16. Property and Its Acquisition.
Types of Property. How Property Is Acquired and Held.
17. Bailments.
Bailments. Bailor and Bailee Duties.
18. Ownership and Leasing of Real Property.
Ownership and Transfer of Real Property. Leasing Real Property.
19. Insurance Law.
Insurance Fundamentals. Property and Casualty Insurance. Life, Health, and Social Insurance.
20. Wills, Trusts, and Estates.
Property Distribution Upon Death. Trusts.
21. Agency Law.
Creation and Operation of Agencies. Agency Duties.
22. Employment Law.
Making and Terminating Employment Contracts. Duties of Employers and Employees.
23. Unions and the Employment Relationship.
Establishment of Unions. Employment Relations in a Unionized Workplace.
24. Discrimination in Employment.
Legal versus Illegal Discrimination. Proving Illegal Discrimination.
25: Employment-Related Injuries.
Safety on the Job. Employer''s Liability for Work-Related Injuries.
26. Forms of Business Organization.
Main Forms of Business Organization. Creating and Terminating Partnerships. Operating Partnerships.
27. The Law of Corporations.
Founding a Corporation. Shareholders, Directors, and Officers. Corporate Powers and Termination.
28. Other Business Forms and Environmental Responsibility.
Corporate Small Business Forms. Corporate Responsibility, Environmental Protection, and Energy Regulation.
29. Commercial Paper.
Basic Types of Commercial Paper. Specialized Types of Commercial Paper.
30. Negotiability and Negotiation of Commercial Paper.
Requirements of Negotiability. Proper Indorsement and Negotiation.
31. Discharge of Commercial Paper and Electronic Fund Transfers.
Discharge of Commercial Paper. The Law of Electronic Fund Transfers.
32. Secured and Unsecured Credit Transactions.
What Is a Secured Credit Transaction?. How Are Security Interests Perfected and Terminated?
33. Creditors, Debtors, and Bankruptcy.
Legal Protection of Creditors. Legal Protection of Debtors and Credit Card Users. Bankruptcy.

New to this Edition

  • New lesson on environmental law covers current issues involving the environment and corporate legal responsibility.
  • New coverage of parental rights in the family law chapter provides even more information for application of law to personal use.
  • New coverage of current topics such as green economy, energy legislation, and social networking provides an up-to-date perspective on the influence of law in students' lives.
  • New features Develop Your Interpersonal Skills and Develop Your Leadership Skills cover soft and transferrable skills important in the 21st-century workplace.
  • New topics that address the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) help students pass this important exam.


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