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Fluent Big Book Set

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Set of 1 copy each, 5 Science, 5 Social Studies and 2 Math

Teacher Supplements
Big Book: United States Geography

Big Books are designed for shared reading. There are many famous places in the United States. Some of these places are natural landmarks, and some are made by people. This book uses maps to identify the locations of landmarks.

Measurement Big Book

Shows that length, height, width, weight, and volume can be estimated and measured using nonstandard, U.S. customary, and metric units.

Patterns, Shapes and Symmetry Big Book

Demonstrates that there are patterns, shapes, and symmetry in nature and in things made by people.

Animal Habitats Big Book

Teaches that animals live in many different kinds of habitats, and that each habitat provides the food, water, oxygen, and shelter that its inhabitants need.

Plant Life Big Book

Shows what plants need to live and grow; tells why people and animals need plants in order to survive.

Prehistoric Life Big Book

Shows that the remains of prehistoric plants and animals can help us understand what Earth may once have looked like.

States of Matter Big Book

Teaches the most common states of matter.

Wind, Water and Sunlight Big Book

Teaches that wind, water, and sunlight are powerful forces that affect both living and nonliving things.

Maps Big Book

People can use maps and their symbols to identify and locate continents, oceans, rivers, lakes, mountains, countries, cities, roads and buildings

Producing Goods Big Book

Shows how people take raw materials found in nature and turn them into finished products that can be sold in stores.

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Providing Goods Big Book

Shows that the distribution of goods involves both a sequence of steps and different forms of transportation.

Then and Now Big Book

Comparing the past with the present shows how things have changed over time, technologies can be improved and changed