Windows Internet Explorer 9: Introductory

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Authors : Gary B. Shelly; Steven M. Freund


264 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2010

©2012 , Published


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In WINDOWS INTERNET EXPLORER 9: INTRODUCTORY, 2E you'll find features that are specifically designed to engage students, improve retention, and prepare them for future success. Our trademark step-by-step, screen-by-screen approach encourages students to expand their understanding of the Internet Exp... more


Gives students an introduction to Internet Explorer 9, including coverage of Web Research Techniques, Internet Communication, Internet security and citing Web sources.

Includes coverage of Internet Explorer 9 features such as Activities and Web Slices.

Gives students the information they need to k... more

New to this Edition

Content has been updated to contain the most current data and approach to perform steps within Windows Internet Explorer 9.

NEW! Windows Live SkyDrive / WebApps Appendix helps students apply and integrate Office skills and concepts with Web applications.

NEW! Coverage of Windows Live Mail 2011 tea... more