Elementary Statistics

  • AUTHORS: Robert R. Johnson; Patricia J. Kuby
  • ISBN-13: 9780538733502 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • 832 Pages  Hardcover 
  • 11th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2008, 2007, 2004
  • ©2012     Published
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About The Product

In their own classrooms, through their popular texts, and in the conferences they lead, Robert Johnson and Patricia Kuby have inspired hundreds of thousands of students and their instructors to see the utility and practicality of statistics. Now in its Eleventh Edition, ELEMENTARY STATISTICS has been consistently praised by users and reviewers for its clear exposition and relevant examples, exercises, and applications. A focus on technology to help students succeed--including MINITAB®, Excel®, and TI-83/84 output and instructions throughout--is enhanced by a wealth of supplements that save instructors time and give students interactive guidance and support. All this and more have established this text's reputation for being remarkably accessible for students to learn from--and simple and straightforward for instructors to teach from.


  • Emphasis on interpretation of statistical information and real applications--Starting in Chapter 1, when students learn key terms and procedures; in Chapter 4, "Probability," where analysis rather than formula is highlighted; and continuing throughout the text, the authors emphasize the role of interpretation in statistical analysis. Examples and exercises feature real applications of statistics, and chapter-opening vignettes enhance the relevance of the material for students. Critical thinking exercises throughout chapters further support the book's practical, proven approach.
  • Skillbuilder Applet exercises and interactive video skillbuilders--These exercises give students increased opportunities for hands-on learning and shift their attention from simply memorizing formulas and concepts to actively internalizing the behavior of concepts and interpreting data. Created to help students build the foundational skills they need, the online videos provide step-by-step instruction, walking students through key examples from the text.
  • Flexible organization and integrated, up-to-date technology instructions--The p-value and classical approaches to hypothesis testing are initially introduced separately and thereafter presented side-by-side, to both emphasize their comparability and allow a wide range of teaching approaches. Similarly, descriptive regression and correlation are covered early (Chapter 3), and MINITAB®, Excel®, and the TI-83/84 graphing calculator instructions are found throughout the text instead of being relegated to end-of-chapter material or appendices.
  • Engaging and purposeful chapter reviews and abundant exercises--In addition to the extensive exercises that appear throughout each chapter, each chapter concludes with an "In Retrospect" summary, a vocabulary and key concept index, a guide to the chapter's learning outcomes, and a wealth of additional exercises as well as a practice test. Outcomes are correlated to specific sections and exercises within the chapter, giving students another means of evaluating their mastery of each topic.
  • Introductory concepts and review lessons--Coverage of and exercises for introductory concepts including summation notation, round-off procedure, tree diagrams, and factorial notation (written by text co-author Patricia Kuby) is provided at the back of the book along with a separate answer section to support students.

About the Contributor

  • Robert R. Johnson

    Robert R. Johnson is Professor of Mathematics Emeritus and a former chair of the Mathematics Department at Monroe Community College. He received his B.S. from SUNY Cortland and his M.A. from University of Northern Iowa, both in mathematics; and has studied statistics at University of Iowa and Rochester Institute of Technology. Bob was the author of ELEMENTARY STATISTICS and JUST THE ESSENTIALS OF STATISTICS until being joined by co-author Patricia Kuby. They also co-author STAT. Professor Johnson has given several presentations about the "teaching of statistics" and the use of MINITAB® in teaching statistics at various conferences and workshops. He used computers and MINITAB for over 30 years to aid in teaching statistics. He was also an active advocate for writing across the curriculum. Organizing the Beyond the Formula Statistics Conferences for teachers of Introductory Statistics was a passion from 1997 through 2005.

  • Patricia J. Kuby

    Patricia J. Kuby is Professor of Mathematics at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York. Prior to coming to MCC, she taught at the Rochester Institute of Technology and worked as a statistician and programmer at General Motors. Patricia has been a co-author of ELEMENTARY STATISTICS since the eighth edition, JUST THE ESSENTIALS OF ELEMENTARY STATISTICS since the ninth edition and STAT. She has also written the accompanying Instructor’s Resource Manuals and Student Solutions Manuals. Patricia is an active advocate for incorporating MINITAB® and Interactive Applets into online and on-campus statistics classes and has given presentations on each of these software packages, as well as the integration of a Student Response System (clickers) in a statistics class. While at RIT, Patricia received the Excellence in Adjunct Teaching Award. She also received the Monroe Community College 2004/2005 Writing Across the Curriculum Outstanding Faculty Award for the integration of writing components into her statistics courses and the 2007/2008 SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. An MCC graduate, Patricia received a B.S. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Quality and Applied Statistics from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Table of Contents

1. Statistics.
2. Descriptive Analysis and Presentation of Single-Variable Data.
3. Descriptive Analysis and Presentation of Bivariate Data.
4. Probability.
5. Probability Distributions (Discrete Variables).
6. Normal Probability Distributions.
7. Sample Variability.
8. Introduction to Statistical Inferences.
9. Inferences Involving One Population.
10. Inferences Involving Two Populations.
11. Applications of Chi-Square.
12. Analysis of Variance.
13. Linear Correlation and Regression.
14. Elements of Nonparametric Statistics.
Appendix A: Basic Principles of Counting.
Appendix B: Tables.
Introductory Concepts.
Review Lessons.
Answers to Odd-Numbered Exercises.
Answers to Chapter Practice Tests.
Index for Applications.
Index for Computer and Calculator Instructions.

New to this Edition

  • New chapter-opening vignettes--More than 50% of the book's chapter-opening vignettes, each of which focuses on an everyday aspect of life, are new. Illustrated with statistical information, each chapter opener provides a relevant, familiar context for students' initial step into the concepts covered in the chapter.
  • New applied examples--Nearly 20% of the text's applied examples are new or updated to help engage student interest. Enhanced step-by-step solutions present key statistical concepts in a clear progression.
  • Over 20% new and updated exercises--21% of the exercises are new or updated to reflect current events and other timely topics that involve the use of statistics.
  • Chapter 6, "Normal Probability Distributions," has been completely rewritten to present the Standard Normal Distribution utilizing the cumulative area approach, incorporating a more intuitive idea with respect to the total area under a curve and following more closely the format used with calculators and statistical software. To support this change, a new, corresponding two-page Table 3, "Cumulative Areas of the Standard Normal Distribution," is included among the tables at the back of the text.
  • Statistics CourseMate--This new online resource provides a rich array of interactive and supplementary material to accompany the text, including an eBook version of the text. For more information, see the full description under Supplements.
  • Solution Builder for ELEMENTARY STATISTICS, 11th Edition--This new instructor resource provides fully worked-out solutions to all text exercises in customizable online format. For more information, see the full description under Supplements.
  • Aplia™ online homework for ELEMENTARY STATISTICS, 11th Edition--Aplia is a premium online homework system dedicated to improving learning by increasing student effort and engagement. For more information, see the full description under Supplements.


Teacher Components

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Student Supplements

  • Enhanced WebAssign - Start Smart Guide for Students  (ISBN-10: 0495384798 | ISBN-13: 9780495384793)
    If your instructor has chosen to package Enhanced WebAssign with your text, this manual will help you get up and running quickly with the Enhanced WebAssign system so you can study smarter and improve your performance in class.
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