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Science Big Book Set

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Complete set of all level Science books (20 books)

Teacher Supplements
Ciclos de vida de los animales

Introduces the life cycles of various groups of animals. Includes butterfly and frog metamorphosis.

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Shows and explains how adaptations help plants and animals survive in different habitats.

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Las máquinas nos ayudan

People develop and use machines to meet specific needs, they make work easier

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Color y tamaño

Shows the color and size of objects are properties that can be described and sorted.

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Lo que necesitan los animales

Teaches that all animals have basic needs, including food, water, and a safe place to live.

Fuerza y movimiento

A force is a push or pull that makes an object move, a magnet can pull, or attract, some metal things, different types of forces can be classified

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Plantas que comemos

Looks at how plants grow and at parts of plants that we eat as food.

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La vida de las plantas

Shows what plants need to live and grow; tells why people and animals need plants in order to survive.

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Vida prehistórica

Shows that the remains of prehistoric plants and animals can help us understand what Earth may once have looked like.

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Nuestro lugar en el espacio

Teaches about the solar system and Earth's place within it.

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Looks at parts of plants and at the sequence of plant growth.

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La Tierra cambiante

Shows how natural forces cause constant changes to Earth's surface.

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Cómo se mueven los animales

Shows the different ways animals can move and how animals can be grouped according to how they move.

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El tiempo y las estaciones

Shows how weather and seasons change, how weather affects people, and how changes in the weather and seasons can be observed. Concept Book.

Los sentidos

Describes how we use the senses to learn about the world around us.

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El cuerpo de los animales

Shows how animals use their unique physical features to survive.

El espacio

Looks at objects in the sky, including the Earth, moon, sun, planets, and stars.

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Viento, agua y luz solar

Teaches that wind, water, and sunlight are powerful forces that affect both living and nonliving things.

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Estados de la materia

Teaches the most common states of matter.

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Hábitats de los animales

Teaches that animals live in many different kinds of habitats, and that each habitat provides the food, water, oxygen, and shelter that its inhabitants need.

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