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  • AUTHOR: Kenneth Baldauf
  • ISBN-13: 9781111471781 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • Mixed Media 
  • 1st Edition
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About The Product

EMERGE WITH COMPUTER SKILLS is a new and revolutionary way to teach and learn about digital literacy. It bridges the gap between conventional education and the way students want to learn by creating an environment that encourages students to do what comes naturally: surf the Web. Leveraging the latest technologies such as RSS feeds, YouTube videos, and Web links, EMERGE promotes discovery learning, allowing students to explore, peruse, skip over, delve, wander, and drill into skills.


  • RETENTION – Let's face it; students don't read long, dense text. Emerge with Computers divides lessons into a series of manageable sections, helping students retain more information.
  • ENGAGEMENT – Emerge with Computer Skills lets students learn in a completely interactive environment, which makes learning feel like surfing the Web!
  • DISCOVERY LEARNING – Students are encouraged to learn by "clicking around" as they would on the Internet.
  • ASSESSMENT – Emerge with Computer Skills contains an abundance of assessment opportunities, many of which are auto graded!

About the Contributor

  • Kenneth Baldauf

    Ken Baldauf is the Director of the Program in Interdisciplinary Computing at Florida State University, where he is responsible for developing courses to meet the computing and technology needs across disciplines. Since joining FSU's faculty in 1998, Ken has taught Computer Fluency, Information Management, Digital Media, Web Development, and Programming courses to classes with enrollments as large as 2,500 students per semester. Ken has partnered with Course Technology on many projects over the years, which include weekly tech news podcasts called CourseCasts, and Succeeding with Technology, a technology driven and student focused computer concepts textbook. With years of experience teaching thousands of students, Ken recognized a growing disconnect between technology education and the way students want to learn. Ken partnered with Course Technology again to develop Emerge with Computers, an exciting new online framework intended to revolutionize the way students learn about and experience technology.

Table of Contents

Windows 7.
Windows Vista.
Mac OS X.
Office 2010.
Word 2007.
Excel 2007.
Access 2007.
PowerPoint 2007.
Word 2008 for Mac.
Excel 2008 for Mac.
PowerPoint 2008 for Mac.
Google Docs.
Management Skills.
Internet Skills.

New to this Edition

  • Delivery: Now you can use Emerge with Computer Skills in your own Learning Management System! You can link to the Emerge content seamlessly, allowing students to access the Emerge content on their browser, and complete homework and tests on your LMS.
  • Page-Level Quiz – There is a short self-quiz on each page of the content, giving students extra practice before graded exams. These quizzes are for practice only; the grades are not reported to your gradebook.
  • Improved User Interface: Redesigned page layouts are more reader-friendly and reduce the amount of clicking students go through to read and study the material. Enhancements include a static table of contents, an improved notes panel, and easier navigation within the browser.
  • Office 2007 Skills Overhaul – The Office 2007 video lessons have been split into shorter, more manageable segments. Students will be asked to VIEW a short video, PRACTICE what they saw in the video, and APPLY their skills to a realistic project. Office 2007 lessons now include two additional projects per application.
  • Updated Content: Version 2.0 includes updated content on new and emerging trends and technologies, as well as coverage of Windows 7 and an overview of Microsoft Office 2010.

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