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Avenues C: Leveled Books + Single-Copy Set

$220.75 9780736261494


1 copy each of 12 Hampton-Brown titles and 12 National Geographic titles (24 books total)

Student Supplements
Avenues (Leveled Books): Hide & Seek

Hide and seek is not a game in the ocean. Ocean animals hide from predators and seek prey to eat.

9780736219112 $8.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): Boom Boom Bay!
9780736219143 $8.50
Avenues (Leveled Books): Let's Hear It For Ears

Let's Hear It for Ears Small Book

9780736219150 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Social Studies: Technology): What's on the Road?

Shows vehicles you will encounter on the road.

9780792242567 $7.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): This is My Street

Compares life in a suburban environment to life in an urban area

9780792287469 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Economics/Government): Food Comes From Farms

Most of the food we eat comes from farms. Using strong picture support, this text explains how a farm produces each of the foods in a little boy's lunch: milk from cows and bread from wheat.

9780792243168 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: Economics/Government): From Field to Florist

Explains how florists get the flowers they sell.

9780792287360 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Geography): The Earth

Introduces the terminology of various landforms found on the earth

9780792287193 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): Where Does the Water Go?

This book explains the process of water evaporation in three everyday situations in which heat changes water from a liquid to a vapor.

9780792287346 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Social Studies: History/Culture): Holidays

Simple text discusses the reasons for celebrating the major U.S. holidays, including Memorial Day and Thanksgiving.

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Avenues C (Leveled Books): A Great Day In The City

Simple text describes a day visiting San Francisco: Take a plane into the city, ride the cable cars, go to the wharf, shop the gift shops, and enjoy the lights.

9780736218948 $8.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent Plus (Social Studies: History/Culture): Harvest Festivals

Giving thanks for the crops is important in many cultures. Learn about how people celebrate harvest festivals all over the world.

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Windows on Literacy Early (Science: Science Inquiry): Marks in the Sand

Many animals leave marks in the wet sand with their bodies, flippers, and tails.

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Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Science Inquiry): What Makes a Tiger Hard to See?

Considers how animals use camouflage to stay safe

9780792243618 $9.25
Windows on Literacy Early (Social Studies: Economics/Government): I Listen

Shows why listening is an important skill

9780792243212 $7.50
Windows on Literacy Fluent (Science: Physical Science): Making Music

Looks how instruments use vibrations to make music

9780792243632 $8.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): Sing a Song of People

People in a city come and go, and you see people that you may never meet. This picture book version of Lois Lenski's poem celebrates the many people who live in cities.

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Avenues C (Leveled Books): Farmer's Market

A truck brings fruit and vegetables to the farmer's market, and people buy the fresh produce.

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Avenues C (Leveled Books): Farming
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Avenues C (Leveled Books): The Little Ant

In this New Mexico folktale, a little ant who tricks the mighty wind into helping her when she is stranded by a storm.

9781563346897 $14.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): What a Week!

Louis (just call him Lou) is looking for something to do. For a whole week, he asks different family members to come and spend the day with him, but they are too busy. But they have a birthday surprise for Lou!

9780736219068 $11.25
Avenues (Leveled Books): Chinese New Year
9780736219075 $14.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): A Hole Is A Great Home
9780736219105 $8.50