Invitation to Computer Science
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Authors : G. Michael Schneider; Judith Gersting


888 Pages  Paperback 

7th Edition

©2016 , Published


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Introduce your students to a contemporary overview of today's computer science with Schneider/Gersting's best selling INVITATION TO COMPUTER SCIENCE, 7E. This flexible, non-language-specific text provides a solid foundation using an algorithm-driven approach that's ideal for your students' first cou... more


SOLID OVERVIEW PRESENTS BREADTH OF COMPUTER SCIENCE WITHOUT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE-SPECIFICS. The authors expertly present a language-independent, breadth-first introduction to computer science that includes coverage of today's hardware, software, and applications as well as a modern view of ethics.

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New to this Edition

UPDATES ADDRESS TODAY'S MOST TIMELY COMPUTING AND BUSINESS ISSUES. Introduce students to some of the most current developments in computing today with the latest discussions of emerging topics, including privacy, drones and robotics, Google Glass, Heartbleed, and more.


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