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Fluent Science Big Books

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1 copy each of 5 titles

Teacher Supplements
Animal Habitats Big Book

Teaches that animals live in many different kinds of habitats, and that each habitat provides the food, water, oxygen, and shelter that its inhabitants need.

9780736270144 $56.75
Plant Life Big Book

Shows what plants need to live and grow; tells why people and animals need plants in order to survive.

9780736271042 $56.75
Prehistoric Life Big Book

Shows that the remains of prehistoric plants and animals can help us understand what Earth may once have looked like.

9780736271059 $56.75
States of Matter Big Book

Teaches the most common states of matter.

9780736270137 $56.75
Wind, Water and Sunlight Big Book

Teaches that wind, water, and sunlight are powerful forces that affect both living and nonliving things.

9780736270113 $56.75