Chemistry & Chemical Reactivity (AP® Edition)
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Authors : John C. Kotz; Paul M. Treichel; John R. Townsend; David Treichel


1520 Pages  Hardcover 

9th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2012

©2015 , Published


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Help your students succeed in chemistry with the clear explanations, problem-solving strategies, and dynamic study tools of CHEMISTRY & CHEMICAL REACTIVITY, 9e. The text emphasizes the visual nature of chemistry, illustrating the close interrelationship of the macroscopic, symbolic, and particulate ... more


WORKED EXAMPLES. Through the text's six-part worked example structure, students learn how to approach a problem rather than to memorize problem types and solution approaches. Worked example headers use the following structure: 1) A Problem statement; 2) A "What Do You Know?" section that asks studen... more

New to this Edition

The five topical interchapters in previous editions have been integrated into standard chapters: Milestones in the Development of Chemistry and the Modern World View of Atoms and Molecules have been folded into Chapter 2. The Chemistry of Fuels and Energy Resources and The Chemistry of the Environme... more