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About The Product

GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY WATCH takes the guesswork and last-minute searching out of providing your students with the most up-to-date and relevant technology-related video, images, news stories, and podcasts. Global Technology Watch helps breathe new life into your Computing course by emphasizing why computer concepts matter in today's world. With a breadth of topics including Technology Ethics and Information Privacy, you can ensure that your students are on the cutting edge of technology news and information.


  • Assessment – Global Technology Watch comes with many open-ended assignments that ask students to think critically about current technology news, helping them appreciate the significance of technology's role in the world. Assignments include Discussion topics, Research & Explore projects, and Watch & Listen activities.
  • Breadth of Topics – With over 20 topics, it is easy to find information relevant to what you're covering in class and subjects that your students find interesting, enabling for more lively discussion topics and assignments.
  • Relevancy – Updated four times daily, Global Technology Watch pulls all of the most up-to-date technology news into one location, providing a single continuous source of information to use in your course.

About the Contributor

  • Course Technology

    Since 1989, Course Technology has been publishing innovative texts and creative electronic learning solutions to help educators teach, students learn, and individuals expand their interest in and understanding of emergent and current technologies.

Table of Contents

1. Business Ethics.
2. Careers in Technology.
3. Censorship.
4. Computing Security and Safeguard.
5. Copyright and Intellectual Property Theft.
6. Cyberwarfare.
7. Digital Business and E-Commerce.
8. Digital Ethics and Social Responsibility.
9. Digital Information Privacy.
10. Identity Theft.
11. Internet Control and Security.
12. Internet and Globalization.
13. Online Identity Management.
14. Privacy Rights.
15. Technology and Health.

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