American Pageant, Volume 2

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Authors : David M. Kennedy; Lizabeth Cohen


656 Pages  Paperback 

16th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2013, 2010, 2006

©2016 , Published


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THE AMERICAN PAGEANT enjoys a reputation as one of the most popular, effective, and entertaining texts on American history. The colorful anecdotes, first-person quotations, and trademark wit bring American history to life. The 16th edition includes a major revision of Part Six (the period from 1945 ... more


One of the most popular, effective, and entertaining American history texts ever written, THE AMERICAN PAGEANT combines colorful anecdotes, a wealth of primary source materials, an abundance of photos and cartoons, and the authors' scholarship and trademark wit to bring American history to life.

“C... more

New to this Edition

A major revision of Part Six, which covers the post-1945 period, provides greater thematic coherence. Reflecting an emerging scholarly consensus, content on the period is divided into two eras: a midcentury era defined by economic growth and broadly shared prosperity followed, starting in the 1970s,... more