Computer Concepts: Illustrated Introductory
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Authors : Dan Oja; June Jamrich Parsons


252 Pages  Paperback 

8th Edition  |  Previous Editions: 2010, 2009, 2008

©2011 , Published


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Make today's most timely computer concepts engaging and relevant for your students! The Illustrated Series has thoroughly revised this 8th edition to reflect the feedback from instructors and students. Among the improvements are the additions of interactive lab scenarios, new assessment opportunitie... more


Highly visual streamlined layout presents topics on two facing pages and appeals to a wide variety of learning style.

Comprehensive coverage includes detailed lessons on important computer concepts and the newest technology trends.

Ample end of unit exercises provide review, practice, and assessme... more

New to this Edition

Student Edition Labs – Now each lesson includes online practice and assessment opportunities for your students!

Buyers Guide – The improved buyers guide helps students make smart technology purchases by reviewing how to get organized, what questions to ask, and how to compare offerings.

Online Com... more