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Inside C: Content Library Classroom Set

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6 copies each of 8 titles

Teacher Supplements
Inside C: Content Library Single-Copy Set

1 copy each of 8 titles
Communities Across America Today
Introduction to Energy
Peering into Darkness
Earth, Sun, Moon
The Anti-Slavery Movement
Missions in Space
Johan Reinhard: Discovering Ancient Civilizations

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Student Supplements
Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: American Communities Across Time): Communities Across America Today, 6-pack

6 copies of Communities Across America Today. Join the Gonzalez family reunion and share their stories of everyday life in three different communities, an avocado farm in California, a university town in Kansas, and a big city in Texas.

9781426359354 $69.00
Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: The Land Around Us): Deserts, 6-pack

6 copies of Deserts. Travel across the world's deserts and learn how plants, animals, and people survive in the harsh desert environment. See how people have turned deserts into farmlands and cities.

9781426360701 $84.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: Physical Science): Introduction to Energy, 6-pack

6 copies of Introduction to Energy. Energy is involved in every move we make and every breath we take. What exactly is energy? Learn energy basics while exploring its different forms.

9781426360855 $84.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: On Assignment): Peering into Darkness, 6-pack

6 copies of Peering into Darkness. Have you ever wondered what secrets can be uncovered in the darkness? Accompany scientists as they travel to the ocean floor, visit an underground cave, and peer into the world of nocturnal animals.

9781426360220 $84.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: Earth Science): Earth, Sun, Moon, 6-pack

6 copies of Earth, Sun, Moon. Discover the mysteries of Stonehenge. Explore the motion of Earth and the moon in relation to the sun. Trek back to ancient times for a look at the technology of early sky-watchers.

9781426360787 $84.00
Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: People Who Changed America): The Anti-Slavery Movement, 6-pack

6 copies of The Anti-Slavery Movement. Learn about the long and bitter anti-slavery movement that lead to the Civil War. From the Underground Railroad to the fierce debates in Congress, discover how the history of this time was shaped by people such as Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, and... more

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Reading Expeditions (Social Studies: World Explorers): Missions in Space 1955-Present, 6-pack

6 copies of Missions in Space 1955-Present. Trace space exploration from competition to cooperation. Meet Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, U.S. astronaut Neil Armstrong, and the crew aboard the international space station.

9781426360381 $84.00
Reading Expeditions (Science: Scientists in the Field): Johan Reinhard: Discovering Ancient Civilizations, 6-pack

6 copies of Johan Reinhard: Discovering Ancient Civilizations. Travel to the Andes with cultural anthropologist Johan Reihard as he unearths Incan mummies and artifacts. Learn about this ancient civilization, the challenges of high altitude archaeology, and how modern technolog... more

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