Communication Applications

  • AUTHORS: Rudolph F. Verderber; Kathleen S. Verderber; Deanna D. Sellnow
  • ISBN-13: 9780538446556 
  • 416 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
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About The Product

COMMUNICATION APPLICATIONS gives students the skill set they need to become effective, dynamic communicators in higher education or the workforce. Packed with exercises and hands-on activities, students can practice the theories and concepts they've learned to see how they're applicable to the world around them. Students will also learn about communication through the Internet as well as social media.


  • The first page of each lesson in the Student Edition includes a list of the TEKS covered in that lesson.
  • The first page of each chapter in the Instructor's Wraparound Edition (in the wrap section) includes a list of all of the TEKS covered in the chapter.
  • "SPEAKING OF . . ." is a scenario that appears at the beginning of each chapter. The scenario serves as a discussion starter and it ends with two critical-thinking questions. Examples include teamwork, problem-solving, crisis management, following directions, etc.
  • "FOCUS ON . . ." feature provides short tips that include advice about professional appearance, grammar, and other topics such as etiquette, clarity, self-confidence, small talk, audience, etc.--tips that relate to the topic of the chapter.
  • "DO YOUR PART . . ." feature emphasizes citizenship, social responsibility, and ways to do your part to in effective communication.
  • GREAT COMMUNICATORS are highlighted throughout the chapters. Communicators include Maya Angelou, Dr. Temple Grandin, Queen Rania of Jordan, Steve Jobs, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • "PLANNING A CAREER IN . . ." showcases a career with a short scenario, employment outlook, job titles, needed skills, what it's like to work in the career, critical-thinking question, and the corresponding career cluster logo.
  • "COMMUNICATING IN . . ." feature focuses on a different business and emphasizes how effective communication is important to that business.
  • One ACTION ACTIVITY appears at the end of each lesson and relates to the lesson. These activities may include role play or teamwork, but many require the student to present in some way.
  • End of Chapter Assessment provides reinforcement for key vocabulary, grammar, review questions, activities, and academic connections exercises that apply social studies, science, math, and literature.
  • Key terms and definitions are not only highlighted in the text and defined but also appear in the margins for easy reference.
  • Quotes appear in the margins periodically. They can be used as good discussion starters, inspiration, or speech topics.
  • English glossary and Spanish glossary is included in the text.
  • The Instructor's Wrap Edition contains teaching ideas, discussion ideas for all photos, all quotes, and most illustrations in the student edition. It also provides teaching tips for all features, additional assessment ideas, and enrichment activities that are not included in the Student Edition.

About the Contributor

  • Rudolph F. Verderber

    Rudolph F. Verderber is Distinguished Teaching Professor of Communication Emeritus at the University of Cincinnati and former National Speaker's Association Professor of the Year -- as well as one of the all-time best-selling communication studies authors. The strength of his basic texts lies in his ability to explain and exemplify concepts, theories, and skills to introductory level students. His Cengage Learning texts -- COMMUNICATE!, THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, COMM, and SPEAK -- have a reputation for being student favorites due to their accessible presentation of theory and skills.

  • Kathleen S. Verderber

    Kathleen S. Verderber is Associate Professor of Management Emeritus at Northern Kentucky University. In addition to consulting with various civic, professional, and business organizations, she has published numerous journal articles and has presented papers at many communication and management conferences. She is a co-author of COMMUNICATE!, THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, COMM, and SPEAK, all with Cengage, and author of INTER-ACT: INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION, CONCEPTS, SKILLS, AND CONTEXTS with Oxford University Press. She holds an MA in speech communication as well as an MBA and a PhD in organizational behavior from the University of Cincinnati.

  • Deanna D. Sellnow

    Deanna D. Sellnow, PhD, is Professor of Strategic Communication in the Nicholson School of Communication at the University of Central Florida and conducts faculty development workshops on instructional communication pedagogy. Published in regional, national, and international journals, her research focuses on the rhetoric of popular culture, particularly music as communication, and instructional communication as it occurs in conventional and nonconventional classrooms, as well as in risk and crisis contexts. She is co-author of COMMUNICATE!, COMM, SPEAK, and THE CHALLENGE OF EFFECTIVE SPEAKING, all with Cengage.

Table of Contents

1. Communicating for Success.
2. Intrapersonal Communication.
3. Verbal Communication.
4. Nonverbal Communication.
5. Listening and Responding.
6. Communication Skills in Interpersonal Relationships.
7. Communication Across Cultures.
8. Interviewing.
9. Communicating in Groups.
10. Group Roles.
11. Problem Solving.
12. Managing Conflict.
13. Planning and Researching a Presentation.
14. Organizing a Presentation.
15. Developing Support Materials.
16. Practicing, Delivering, and Evaluating a Presentation.


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