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Edge 2014 B: Complex Text Library Single-Copy Set

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1 copy each of 7 Titles.

Student Supplements
The Great Kite Fight: Footprint Reading Library 6

Every year, the city of Shirone, Japan goes 'kite crazy' during a five-day local festival. In this highly competitive contest, teams fly kites and fight to force each other's kites from the sky. This tradition began 250 years ago and people of all ages still enjoy the celebration. How do teams fight with kites? What does it take to win?

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The King of the Spiders: Footprint Reading Library 7

Goliath tarantulas are the most enormous spiders in the world. Most people consider them to be extremely dangerous and avoid them, but not tarantula expert Rick West. He seeks out tarantulas because he has an important story to tell. What information does West want to share with the world? Are tarantulas as dangerous as people think?

9781424044924 $12.00
Firewalking: Footprint Reading Library 8

In a small village in northern Greece, local residents participate in an annual religious festival called 'Anastenaria'. During the festival, believers walk across fire to test their faith which revolves around a set of ancient icons that worshippers believe have special powers—to purify, heal and protect. But others view the ritual as sacrilege.

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Mars on Earth: Footprint Reading Library 8

The Arctic region of Canada is home to a huge depression in the earth called the Haughton Crater. A group of explorers has come to the area to explore the challenges expected when traveling to Mars. What challenges will they experience? What preparations are being made for a trip to Mars here on Earth?

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Para-Life Rescue!: Footprint Reading Library 5

In Brazil, a man has discovered a new way of saving, or rescuing, people from drowning in the ocean. This new rescue method involves a person using a motor-powered aircraft to work with lifeguards on the beach. How do these people work together? Is this an effective way of saving lives?

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A Chinese Artist in Harlem: Footprint Reading Library 6

Ming is an artist from China who now lives and works in New York City. He teaches children in the public school system how to draw and paint. However, he also teaches them something else that's very important. What does Ming teach the children and why is it so important?

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Alternative Energy: Footprint Reading Library 8

Global warming and the overuse of available traditional fuels have created an environmental crisis. In Colorado, however, scientists in the windy Rocky Mountains have found alternative fuel sources that could provide a solution. What are these new sources of energy? How can they be used in everyday life?

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