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Reach B (Fiction Library): Single-Copy Set

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The fiction library consists of 6 theme-connected, leveled books for each of the 8 units (48 titles total). This set includes 1 copy of each of the 48 fiction titles.

Student Supplements
Library Book: Daniel's Pet

Daniel takes care of his pet chick Jen, who grows up to become a hen that lays eggs.

9780152048655 $5.75
Library Book: The Carrot Seed

A little boy just knows that a carrot will grow from the seed he plants, despite what his family tells him.

9780064432108 $8.75
Library Book: Little Beauty

Once there was a very special gorilla. He had almost everything he needed. There was just one thing he didn't have: a friend. The keepers give him Beauty, a little cat who does everything with him. The text is heartwarming celebration of an unlikely friendship.

9780763639594 $20.75
Library Book: Max Goes Shopping

Max likes shopping. He goes to several stores and buys new things.

9781404811775 $24.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): Dad's Pizza

Dad loves to make pizza and considers opening a pizza restaurant. The family thinks about all the things they would need and how to get them.

9780792259992 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Social Studies): Peggy's Pickles

Samantha loves to help her mom, Peggy, sell pickles at the weekend farmers' market. One day, a man tries their pickles and wants to sell them in his store.

9781426350054 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Social Studies): My Truck

Tina loads her truck with produce and drives to the farmer's market every day. In this beginning reader, students will read how food travels from the farm to the market.

9780792259701 $8.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): The Corn That Kay Grew

Farmer Kay's corn goes from farm to store to home and becomes a tasty meal for a family.

9780792259985 $9.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Social Studies): Grandpa's Castanets

Enrico wants Grandpa to dance the flamenco for his class on Grandparents' Day. Grandpa needs new castanets, so Mom orders them on the Internet. The castanets must travel by plane, train, and truck.

9781426350047 $9.25
Which Egg Is Mine?

A mother hen looks at the eggs of different animals while trying to find her own eggs.

9781563349829 $7.25
Just Like My Grandpa

A boy shares all the ways he and his grandpa are the same.

9781563349812 $7.25
Library Book: Big Egg

Hen thinks one big egg in her nest must belong to another animal, but it hatches into a very big chick.

9780679881261 $5.25
Library Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

An egg hatches into a very hungry caterpillar that eats and eats until he’s ready to build his cocoon.

9780399208539 $26.75
Library Book: The Ugly Duckling

Adapted for beginner readers, this is the classic story of a duckling that grows up to be a swan.

9780140383522 $11.75
Library Book: Pouch!

A baby kangaroo explores the world but always returns to the safety of his mama's pouch.

9780399250514 $20.00
Library Book: Waiting for Wings

Through rhyming text and colorful collages, students explore how eggs turn into caterpillars and then into butterflies.

9780152026080 $22.00
Library Book: The Chick and the Duckling

As Duckling sets off to explore the world, Chick is close behind, mimicking each of Duckling's actions with a perky "Me too." But when Duckling decides to go for a swim, Chick is in for a surprise. The two explore all the ways they are the same and then learn how they are different.

9780689712265 $9.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Science): Jenna's Pet

Jenna laughs at her mother's silly suggestions for a pet, and then chooses a suitable animal - a fish.

9780792260301 $9.25
Library Book: Is Your Mama a Llama?

A young llama learns about the characteristics of various animals by asking all his animal friends about their mothers.

9780439598422 $9.25
Library Book: Who Hops?

Both funny and informative, this book explores the different ways animals move.

9780152164126 $9.50
Library Book: Hop Jump

Betsy the frog wants to dance but the other frogs won't let her where they are hopping, so she finds a place by herself where she can dance alone. What do the other frogs think of that?

9780152013752 $9.50
Library Book: Nana's New Room

Rita's and Pete's grandmother is moving in with them. Rita and Pete help Mom paint, clean, and put new furniture in Nana's new room.

9781404267343 $7.75
Library Book: The Very Boastful Kangaroo

The kangaroos have a jumping contest. A teeny, tiny kangaroo competes against the very boastful kangaroo.

9780152048402 $5.75
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Science): Rex Loves the Rain

Rex the dog runs outside, jumps in a puddle, rolls in the mud - and shakes water all over the girl waiting for him with a towel.

9780792259749 $8.50
Library Book: Rain Rain Rivers

A child indoors watches the rain on the window and in the streets and tells how it falls on the fields, hills, and seas.

9780374461959 $10.00
Library Book: Sail Away

It's a perfect day for sailing. Motor under the bridge, putt...putt..putt past the lighthouse, put up the sails and whoosh! But watch out for a change in the weather.

9780688175177 $9.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Science): Summer Is Here!

A poetic ode to summer in which a family goes to a community swimming pool and finds cool water, hot sunlight, and a shady place to rest.

9780792259732 $8.50
Library Book: Happy Day

Hibernating animals wake to find the first flower of spring.

9780064431910 $9.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): The Little Ant

In this New Mexico folktale, a little ant who tricks the mighty wind into helping her when she is stranded by a storm.

9781563346897 $14.50
Content-Based Readers Fiction Early (Social Studes): Santo and I

A grandfather reminisces about life in his town in the past and present.

9780792260332 $9.25
Library Book: When Everybody Wore A Hat

Illustrator Steig recalls the world of his childhood.

9780060097028 $11.25
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Social Studies): Grandma's Attic

Emily is helping her grandmother clean out the attic when she finds her great-great-grandmother's diary.

9781426350023 $11.00
Library Book: Tortillas & Lullabies/Tortillas y cancioncitas

This bilingual picture book tells how traditions are passed down through three generations of women—a little girl, her mother, and her grandmother. The book closes with a lullaby with included music.

9780060891855 $9.00
Library Book: The Transportation Museum

A class visits the Transportation Museum, which highlights early transportation with different types of vehicles. They see antique cars, planes, ships, and trains.

9781568019017 $7.50
Library Book: Lucky Leaf

A boy just wants to stay inside and play video games. When his mother makes him go outside to play, he finds the last leaf hanging on a tree and makes a game of waiting for it to fall.

9780802796479 $10.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Fluent (Social Studies): Driving Tin Lizzie

It is 1914, and George, Alice, and Mother try to convince a rather reluctant Father that the time has come to buy a Model T motor car.

9781426350030 $11.00
Library Book: My Map Book

Pictures with simple labels map a child's home, family, and heart, among other places.

9780060264550 $22.75
Library Book: As the Crow Flies

Maps, they help you get to where you want to go. But what about the crow? What kind of map does he use? Come follow 5 different animals as they show you their favorite ways to go.

9780689717628 $9.00
Library Book: Me On The Map

Maps can show where you are anywhere in the world! This book will show how easy it is to find the places they know and love with help from a map.

9780517885574 $9.50
Library Book: Smarty Sara

Sara writes down everything in a book. She makes a map to show Max the secret place she found.

9780375835124 $5.75
Library Book: Where's That Bone?

Jill uses a map to help keep track of the places where her dog, Bingo, has been burying his bones to save them from being taken by Hulk, the cat.

9781575650975 $7.50
Library Book: The Secret Under the Tree

Benny loves to dig and so does Watch. One day, Grandfather gives Bennie a map that shows a good place to dig. Watch takes a nap but Bennie digs all day. At last his shovel hits something hard, something very surprising!

9780807506431 $10.75
Avenues D (Leveled Books): In The Yard

A girl works with her mom and dad in the yard through all the seasons of the year.

9780736216944 $9.50
Avenues C (Leveled Books): What a Week!

Louis (just call him Lou) is looking for something to do. For a whole week, he asks different family members to come and spend the day with him, but they are too busy. But they have a birthday surprise for Lou!

9780736219068 $11.25
Library Book: Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story

A girl waits ten days and nine nights for her mom to return from a trip with an adopted baby sister.

9780375847189 $21.75
Library Book: I'm A Seed

Two seeds grow side by side, showing the life cycles of plants. The seeds become marigolds and pumpkins.

9780590265867 $8.50
Library Book: Growing Like Me

A young boy compares himself to other living things by talking about what they will become when they are grown.

9780152022020 $20.00
Library Book: The Gingerbread Man

The freshly baked Gingerbread Man escapes from the oven and outruns all those who try to catch him but will he be able to avoid the clever fox or end up as his tasty snack?

9781577683681 $5.75
Reach B (Nonfiction Library): Single-Copy Set

The nonfiction library consists of 6 theme-connected, leveled books for each of the 8 units (48 titles total). This set includes 1 copy of each of the 48 nonfiction titles:
In My Family
You and Me Together: Moms, Dads, and Kids Around the World
Shopping with Dad
Family Fun
Do Something In Your Family
Is It Alive?... more

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