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inZone Books (Zone 2: 9-12): Single-Copy Set

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1 copy each of 22 titles and access to downloadable Teacher’s Guides and Student Journals

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inZone Books: The Outsiders

Ponyboy and his brothers have a rough life, but they have their gang "the greasers" to protect them. When the gang's rivals, the Socials attack Ponyboy and Johnny one day, the rivalry becomes much worse.

inZone Books: Necessary Roughness

Chan Kim enjoys playing soccer, until his family has to move to a small town where nobody plays the sport. He has a hard time fitting in, and then a tragic accident forces him to face the toughest challenge of all.

inZone Books: Finding Miracles

Milly Kaufman was adopted from Latin America, and it is a secret she is trying to forget. But when Pablo moves to town, Milly suddenly becomes curious about her birth.

inZone Books: The Wave

In an experiment about power and discipline, students form a group called The Wave which quickly turns into a nightmare, threatening students who refuse to join. Will anyone see how dangerous The Wave has become?

inZone Books: Othello

Iago has become fiercely jealous of Othello's success as a respected general in the King's army, and lies to make him doubt his wife's faithfulness. Will Othello discover the truth, or lose everything because of a lie?

inZone Books: Keeper

El Gato grew to become soccer's greatest player. Who could believe that El Gato's trainer was a ghost?

inZone Books: The Ch’i-lin Purse: A Collection of Ancient Chinese Stories

This collection of Chinese folk tales includes clever characters who often help strangers. Each story shows how one person's kindness can change another person's life forever.

inZone Books: Hoop Dreams: A True Story

William and Arthur have the potential to go to the NBA, but living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America could mean trouble for their hopes. Will basketball be their ticket to a better life?

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inZone Books: The Afterlife

Chuy's life ends suddenly. While floating around as a ghost, he learns more about himself. Which should he fear more, losing the life he left behind or his next unknown journey?

inZone Books: Stuck in Neutral

Shawn McDaniel has cerebral palsy. He is trapped inside his own body, unable to communicate with those he loves, and who love him. But if he can't communicate, how do they really know him?

inZone Books: Crazy Loco

Crazy Loco is a collection of humorous stories about growing up Mexican American. The stories are about family, friends, finding yourself, and sometimes about being a little crazy.

inZone Books: Ties That Bind, Ties That Break

Ailin lives in China in 1911, and everyone in her family wants her to have her feet bound, but she refuses. Did she make the right choice?

inZone Books: Hole in My Life

Jack Gantos dreamed of becoming a famous writer. He wanted a writer's life of adventure and excitement. But instead of traveling around the world, Jack went to prison for smuggling drugs.

9780736231589 $15.50
inZone Books: Two Badges: The Lives of Mona Ruiz

Mona Ruiz grew up in a gang lifestyle, but she always wanted to become a police officer. Would Mona get the chance to change her future, or would the gangs decide for her?

9780736231831 $15.50
inZone Books: The Metamorphosis

Gregor Samsa awoke one morning to find himself turned into a giant insect, and his life turned into a nightmare. Nobody appreciated Gregor before, but now that he is an insect will things get worse?

inZone Books: …And the Earth Did Not Devour Him

The stories in this book are are about the experiences of the poor, migrant farmworker. They depict the cruelty of the life, but also the ability of a community to come together to help one another survive.

inZone Books: The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Ticey is a slave girl who takes the name Jane when she is freed. But as she tastes freedom, she also learns how unjust society can be toward freed slaves.

inZone Books: Facing the Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna

Lemasolai lives in Kenya and believes he will raise cows and live as a tribesman, but then he volunteers to go to school and his life changes for ever. Can Lemasolai live in two worlds at once?

inZone Books: I Will Plant You a Lilac Tree: A Memoir of a Schindler’s List Survivor

In the spring of 1942, Hannelore Wolff left school to join her family in a Jewish concentration camp. But amidst the suffering, she found the will to survive.

inZone Books: Of Sound Mind

Theo wants to go away to college, but how can leave when everyone else in his family is deaf and they depend on him so much? Will Theo lean how to help his family without giving up everything he wants?

inZone Books: The Friends

Everything seems to be going wrong for Phyllisia, and she needs a friend. But should she be Edith's friend even though Edith is poor and unpopular?

9780736231527 $15.50
inZone Books: Breaking Through

Young Francisco "Panchito" Jimenez had to work hard as a migrant farm worker to earn money for his family, but he was a good student and wanted a better life? Was Panchito able to please his family without giving up his future?

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inZone Books (Zone 2: 9-12): Classroom Set