Calculus for AP®, 1st edition

  • AUTHORS: Ron Larson; Paul Battaglia
  • ISBN-13: 9781305674912 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • Hardcover 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2017     Published
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About The Product

Calculus for AP® is designed specifically for the AP Curriculum Framework and exam. For the first time, Ron Larson has partnered with an AP Calculus teacher to develop a program that meets the needs of the AP Calculus course while helping students develop mathematical knowledge conceptually. With a clear focus on course demands, Calculus for AP introduces content in the sequence most preferred by AP Calculus teachers, resulting in more complete content coverage.


  • The Table of Contents presents topics in the sequence preferred by most AP® Calculus teachers to meet course demands. Exponential, logarithmic, and inverse trigonometric functions are introduced earlier in the course, allowing for complete coverage of differentiation and a greater variety of applications.
  • Mathematical Practices for AP Calculus (MPACs) that are presented in the AP® Curriculum Framework for AP® Calculus AB and BC are represented and clearly labeled in the text, examples, and exercises.
  • Calculus AP® Exam Preparation Questions are modeled after the AP® Exam and appear at both the end of section exercises and chapter.
  • Insights are AP specific and appear throughout the book to offer important information about material commonly appearing on the AP® Exam.
  • Performance Tasks appear at the end of each chapter asking students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of chapter content.
  • Algebra Review appears throughout each chapter and offers support at point of use.
  • Error Analysis Exercises ask students to describe and correct solutions containing common errors.
  • Side-By-Side Examples offer solutions to many example problems on the same page allowing students to see a problem more conceptually and learn how different methods yield the same result. Solutions are also presented from multiple perspectives - algebraically, graphically, and numerically.
  • is a free website that includes examples, three-dimensional graphs, review sample scoring for free response questions and access to and
  • The CalcView mobile app contains video solution exercises. Its embedded QR code reader launches videos by scanning on-page QR codes.
  • features live tutoring and worked out solutions; its mobile app provides solutions to odd-numbered exercises.
  • Enhanced WebAssign is an easy-to-implement, fully customizable online learning solution. Instructors are enabled to create and deploy assignments and instantly assess student and whole class performance.
  • Cognero instant test builder provides additional online assessment support.

About the Contributor

  • Ron Larson

    Dr. Ron Larson is a professor of mathematics at The Pennsylvania State University, where he has taught since 1970. He received his Ph.D. in mathematics from the University of Colorado and is considered the pioneer of using multimedia to enhance the learning of mathematics, having authored over 30 software titles since 1990. Dr. Larson conducts numerous seminars and in-service workshops for math educators around the country about using computer technology as an instructional tool and motivational aid. He is the recipient of the 2014 William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Award for CALCULUS: EARLY TRANSCENDENTAL FUNCTIONS, the 2014 Text and Academic Authors Association TEXTY Award for PRECALCULUS, the 2012 William Holmes McGuffey Longevity Award for CALCULUS: AN APPLIED APPROACH, and the 1996 Text and Academic Authors Association TEXTY Award for INTERACTIVE CALCULUS (a complete text on CD-ROM that was the first mainstream college textbook to be offered on the Internet). Dr. Larson authors numerous textbooks including the best-selling Calculus series published by Cengage Learning.

  • Paul Battaglia

    Paul Battaglia received his B.S. in actuarial science from the Pennsylvania State University. After some time as an actuarial analyst, he began his teaching career in New Jersey. Since doing so, he has spent over 15 years teaching all levels of mathematics, including Advanced Placement Calculus. He was instrumental in beginning the AP Calculus (BC) program at Manasquan High School. Battaglia has been a featured speaker—both in and out of his district—including speaking about his book at the NJEA teacher’s convention and presenting at the AP Annual Conference. His current interests include QR codes in the classroom, integration of tablets and mobile devices for classroom use, and gamification as an assessment model.

Table of Contents

P: Preparation for Calculus
1: Limits and Their Properties
2: Differentiation
3: Applications of Differentiation
4: Integration
5: Differential Equations
6: Applications of Integration
7: Integration Techniques, L’Hopital’s Rule, and Improper Integrals
8: Infinite Series
9: Parametric Equations, Polar Coordinates, and Vectors


Student Supplements

  • Student Solutions Manual for Larson's Calculus for AP®, 1st edition  (ISBN-10: 1305952979 | ISBN-13: 9781305952973)
    This manual offers worked-out solutions for odd-numbered problems from the text.
    Price = 69.25
  • Fast Track to a 5: Preparation for the AP® Calculus AB and Calculus BC Examinations Workbook  (ISBN-10: 1305966589 | ISBN-13: 9781305966581)
    Students benefit from this workbook that provides full test-prep support to help them study quickly, efficiently, and effectively.
    Price = 19.50
  • High School Enhanced WebAssign  (ISBN-10: 1305630920 | ISBN-13: 9781305630925)
    Price = 54.00
  • Online Fast Track to a 5: Preparing for the AP® Calculus AB and BC Examinations  (ISBN-10: 1337090263 | ISBN-13: 9781337090261)
    Price = 5.00

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