Biology: The Dynamic Science

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Level(s): Advanced

Authors : Peter J. Russell; Paul E. Hertz; Beverly McMillan



4th Edition

©2017 , Published


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Russell/Hertz/McMillan, Biology: The Dynamic Science 4e and MindTap empower instructors to teach Biology the way scientists practice it by emphasizing and applying science as a process. Students learn not only what scientists know, but how they know it, and what they still need to learn. Th... more


SCIENCE AS A PROCESS: "Think Like a Scientist" questions encourage students to analyze and apply concepts. "Interpret the Data" exercises develop quantitative analysis and mathematical reasoning skills. A wealth of research figures demonstrate how biologists formulate and test specific hypotheses by... more

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MINDTAP LEARNING PATH: Easily personalized by instructors, the learning path is even more student centered and focuses on the learning workflow with activities for before class, in class, and after class. Instructors have more flexibility with customization and can take advantage of key learning res... more

Teacher Supplements
Biology Instructor’s Manual for the Lab Manual

The Instructor's Manual is a helpful tool that includes for each exercise: materials and equipment, preparation of materials and equipment, notes, ordering information, answers to in-text questions, answers to pre-lab and post-lab questions covered in the lab manual, and a new set of pre-lab questions that appear only in the instructor's manual.

9780324598360 $28.50
Laboratory Manual for General Biology

One of the best ways for your students to succeed in their biology course is through hands-on lab experience. With its 46 lab exercises and hundreds of color photos and illustrations, the LABORATORY MANUAL FOR GENERAL BIOLOGY, Fifth Edition, is your students' guide to a better understanding of biology. Most exercises can be completed within two hours, and answe... more

9780534380250 $112.50
Student Supplements
Laboratory Manual for General Biology

Succeed in biology with LABORATORY MANUAL FOR GENERAL BIOLOGY! Through hands-on-lab experience, this biology laboratory manual reinforces biology concepts to help you get a better grade. Exercises, pre-lab questions, and post-lab questions enhance your understanding and make lab assignments easy to complete and easy to comprehend.

9780534380250 $112.50
Laboratory Manual for Majors General Biology

Featuring a clear format and a wealth of illustrations, this lab manual helps biology majors learn science by doing it. This manual includes numerous inquiry-based experiments, relevant activities, and supporting questions that assess recall, understanding, and application. The exercises support any biology text used in a majors course.

9780495115052 $141.75
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Digital Bundle: Biology: The Dynamic Science, 4e VitalSource eBook + MindTap (6-year access)