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Nonfiction Emergent (Math): Shapes, Theme Pack Plus Fiction

$294.75 9780792277934


6 copies each of the Concept Book, 2 Nonfiction Books and 2 Fiction Books (30 books total), Theme Builder, Audiolessons on CD, and online Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Supplements


9780792261124 $9.25
Student Supplements
Round Like a Circle

This Windows on Literacy Emergent book builds reading skills and reinforces math concepts and language. Round Like a Circle focuses on finding round shapes in a variety of settings.

9781426360657 $51.00
Windows on Literacy Emergent (Math: Math in Social Studies): Flags, 6-pack

6 copies of Flags. Counts colored shapes in a variety of flags.

9781426361500 $45.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Math): What Can We Make', 6-pack

Two boys challenge each other to make pictures out of cutout shapes.

9781426367717 $51.00
Content-Based Readers Fiction Emergent (Math): Sharon’s Shapes, 6-pack

Sharon has a homework assignment: to find and record shapes at home. And find them she does!

9781426367724 $51.00
Windows on Literacy Language, Literacy & Vocabulary Emergent (Math): Shapes, 6-pack

6 copies of Shapes Concept Book

9781426368370 $73.50