Whiteboard Activities for Digital Literacy

  • AUTHOR: Course Technology
  • ISBN-13: 9781133187714 
  • Grade(s): 9 | 10 | 11 | 12
  • Mixed Media 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2012     Published
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About The Product

WHITEBOARD ACTIVITIES FOR DIGITAL LITERACY brings computer concepts to life using the Whiteboard platform to engage, motivate, and encourage students to actively participate in learning the concepts that will help them become digitally literate and to be prepared for success in today's computing world. This product can be used with both Promethean and SMART interactive whiteboards and encourages interactivity in the classroom making learning enjoyable and engaging for students as well as helping to increase retention of the course material.


  • Can be used with both Promethean and SMART interactive whiteboards.
  • Interactive lessons encourage class discussions and student participation with hands-on review questions, collaborative projects, critical-thinking and wrap-up questions.
  • Whiteboard functionality allows students to physically engage in learning increasing class participation and retention.
  • An emphasis on Soft Skills throughout each lesson provides the skills students need to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.
  • Customizable content provides the opportunity to add personal content relevant to the specific students in the course to increase engagement.
  • Robust Instructor Resources provide an overview of how to use the Whiteboard, Instructions Manual, Lesson-by-Lesson Guidelines, and Unit Review Material.
  • Can be used with both Promethean and SMART interactive whiteboards.

About the Contributor

  • Course Technology

    Since 1989, Course Technology has been publishing innovative texts and creative electronic learning solutions to help educators teach, students learn, and individuals expand their interest in and understanding of emergent and current technologies.

Table of Contents

Understanding Data. Understanding the Motherboard. Understanding Data Storage. Ports and Peripheral Devices. Networking Basics. Networking: Beyond the Basics. Unit Review.
The Internet: From ARPANET to Web 3.0. Getting the Most Out of the Internet. E-Commerce. Web Design Principles. Creating Web Pages. Unit Review.
Operating Systems Software Overview. Application Software Overview. Working with Graphics. Working with Video. Working with Audio. Unit Review.
Good Practices: Maintaining Your Computer. Good Practices: Staying Safe Online. Computer Ethics. Careers & Technology: Getting Ahead. Unit Review.

New to this Edition

  • Four units, General Computing Concepts, Online Experiences, Skills, and Explorations, containing a total of 20 lessons provide an overview of computer concepts, a variety of software applications, the internet and online living, and current topics in the digital world.