Century 21 Accounting: Multicolumn Journal, Introductory Course, Chapters 1-17, Copyright Update

  • AUTHORS: Claudia Bienias Gilbertson; Mark W. Lehman; Debra Gentene
  • ISBN-13: 9781305947719 
  • Hardcover 
  • 10th Edition
  • ©2017     Published
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About The Product

Transform your high school accounting course with CENTURY 21 ACCOUNTING MULTICOLUMN JOURNAL 10E, the leader in high school accounting education for more than 100 years. CENTURY 21 ACCOUNTING 10E maintains its renowned instructional design and step-by-step approach to teaching accounting. Greater emphasis on conceptual understanding and financial statement analysis encourages students to apply accounting concepts to real-world situations and make informed business decisions. New features like Forensic Accounting, Think Like an Accountant, Financial Literacy, and Why Accounting? are a few examples of the expanded opportunities for students to master critical-thinking skills. In addition, problems integrated throughout the text equip students to work with Microsoft Excel®, Peachtree®, QuickBooks®, and Automated Accounting Online, with step-by-step instructions. Online Working Papers, powered by Aplia, provide engaging digital homework solutions.


  • Students start with a service business organized as a proprietorship and merchandising businesses organized as corporations before concluding with special topics, partnerships, and the recording of international sales and electronic transactions.
  • Commercial technology integrated into the end of each chapter equips students to work with Microsoft Excel®, Peachtree®, QuickBooks®, and Automated Accounting Online. Icons in the text denote chapter problems that can be worked with the various software. Data files are located on the Century 21 Accounting Companion website.

About the Contributor

  • Claudia Bienias Gilbertson

    Claudia B. Gilbertson served as a highly effective high school instructor for 11 years and a community college instructor for 25 years. While retired from North Hennepin Community College, Ms. Gilbertson remains active in shaping today's educational processes as she serves as a respected and sought-after consultant for numerous online accounting learning solutions. She is active in the National Business Education Association, North Central Business Education Association, and Minnesota Business Educators, Inc.

  • Mark W. Lehman

    Mark W. Lehman, assistant professor emeritus of Accountancy at the Richard C. Adkerson School of Accountancy at Mississippi State University, teaches Accounting Information Systems and Forensic Accounting. A former auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers, Dr. Lehman is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Fraud Examiner. Dr. Lehman writes journal articles and consults with accountants on the use of software in fraud detection. He was awarded Outstanding Educator by the Mississippi Society of Certified Public Accountants in 2007.

  • Debra Gentene

    Debra H. Gentene has taught business education at the high school level for 20 years and currently teaches at Mason High School in Ohio. A former community college instructor and corporate training manager, Debra has been active in the National Business Education Association, serving on the Entrepreneurship Standards Committee. Debra recently won the Leavey Award and Warren County's Innovative Teacher of the Year award.

Table of Contents

1. Starting a Proprietorship: Changes That Affect the Accounting Equation.
2. Analyzing Transactions into Debit and Credit Parts.
3. Journalizing Transactions.
4. Posting to a General Ledger.
5. Cash Control Systems.
RA1 Part A: An Accounting Cycle for a Proprietorship: Journalizing and Posting Transactions.
6. Work Sheet and Adjusting Entries for a Service Business.
7. Financial Statements for a Proprietorship.
8. Recording Closing Entries and Preparing a Post-Closing Trial Balance for a Service Business.
RA1 Part B: An Accounting Cycle for a Proprietorship: End-of-Fiscal-Period Work. Simulation Marketing Page for Red Carpet Events.
9. Accounting for Purchases and Cash Payments.
10. Accounting for Sales and Cash Receipts.
11. Transactions Journalized on a General Journal.
12. Preparing Payroll Records.
13. Accounting for Payroll and Payroll Taxes.
RA2 Part A: An Accounting Cycle for a Corporation: Journalizing and Posting Transactions.
14. Accounting for Uncollectible Accounts Receivable.
15. Preparing Adjusting Entries and a Trial Balance.
16. Financial Statements and Closing Entries for a Corporation.
17. Financial Statement Analysis.
Bonus Chapter 18. 21st Century Skills.
RA 2 Part B: An Accounting Cycle for a Corporation: End-of-Fiscal-Period Work. Simulation Marketing Page for Authentic Threads.
App. A: Accounting Concepts.
App. B: Analyzing Nike’s Financial Statements.
App. C: Using a Calculator and Computer Keypad.
App. D: Recycling Problems.
App. E: Answers to Audit Your Understanding.
English Glossary.

New to this Edition

  • The 10th edition incorporates greater emphasis on conceptual understanding and financial statement analysis.
  • New appendix for Communication Skills for Accountants


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