Language(s): American English, British English

Level(s): A2, B1, B2, C1


Perspectives is a four-skills series in American and British English that teaches learners to think critically and to develop the language skills they need to find their own voice in English. The carefully-guided language lessons, real-world stories, and TED Talks motivate learners to think creatively and communicate effectively.

In Perspectives, learners develop an open mind, a critical eye and a clear voice in English.​

  • Every unit explores one idea from different perspectives, giving learners opportunities for practicing language as they look at the world in new ways.
  • Students learn the critical thinking skills and strategies they need to evaluate new information and develop their own opinions and ideas.​
  • Students respond to the unit theme and express their own ideas confidently in English.
  • Exam-style task types and test-taking strategies prepare students for a range of international exams.

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Amanda Jeffries

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