Idioms Organiser: Organised by Metaphor, Topic, and Key Word
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Level(s): C1, Upper-intermediate, High-intermediate, C2, Advanced

Author : Jon Wright


296 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©1999 , Published

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IDIOMS ORGANISER is the most comprehensive idioms practice book for intermediate and advanced students. It is ideal for all students preparing for the FCE, CAE, Proficiency, and TOEFL exams. IDIOMS ORGANISER takes this difficult area for students and organises it in such a way that students at las ...more


An opening exercise deals with literal meanings.

At least 16 common idioms per unit.

Two or more exercises contextualise each idiom and make its meaning clear.

This student friendly book contains over 110 units and 1800 idioms, a comprehensive index of idiomatic expressions, amusing illustrations ...more