Grammar in Context, New Edition

  • AUTHOR: Sandra N. Elbaum
  • ©2016 
  • Recommended For: Adult Education | Higher Education | Private Language Schools | Teens
  • Subject(s): Grammar


About the Program

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The Sixth Edition of the best-selling Grammar in Context series, inspires learners through compelling stories, National Geographic images, and content, relevant to students' lives. Students learn more, remember more, and use language more effectively when they learn grammar in context.

  • National Geographic photographs introduce lesson themes and draw learners into the context.
  • New and updated readings, many with National Geographic content, introduce the target grammar in context and provide the springboard for practice.
  • New listening exercises reinforce the grammar through natural spoken English.

About the Author

  • Sandra N. Elbaum

    Sandra N. Elbaum was an ESL Instructor at Truman College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, for thirty-six years. She has also taught in elementary and high schools, and in Mexico, Puerto Rico, the former Soviet Union, and Slovakia. Sandy is the author of the popular series Grammar in Context, now in its Fifth Edition. Sandy received her B.A. in Spanish and M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language from the University of Illinois.

Products Included


Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®, is a digital bank of ready-made questions for quick and effective assessment.


Updated For This Edition ONLINE WORKBOOK powered by MyELT provides students with additional practice of the target grammar and greater flexibility for independent study.

  • Engages students and supports classroom materials by providing a variety of interactive grammar activities.
  • Tracks course completion through student progress bars, giving learners a sense of personal achievement.
  • Supports instructors by maximizing valuable learning time through course management resources, including scheduling and grade reporting tools.
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