• AUTHOR: Nancy Herzfeld-Pipkin
  • ©2007  | Published
  • Recommended For: Higher Education | Private Language Schools | Summer School
  • Subject(s): Writing


About the Program

Destinations prepares students for academic achievement. Step-by-step writing explanations and tasks centered on content area readings help students develop and refine academic writing at the sentence and paragraph level.

About the Author

  • Nancy Herzfeld-Pipkin

    Nancy Herzfeld-Pipkin has been in the ESL field since 1976 and is the author of seven ESL texts. For her first 23 years in the field, she taught full time in large IEP programs. She started teaching in community colleges in 1984 and has been a full-time community college instructor since 1999. In addition to teaching and writing/developing curriculum, Ms. Herzfeld-Pipkin has been involved in teacher training and the administration of various ESL programs.

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