New Grammar in Action 3: An Integrated Course in English

  • AUTHORS: Barbara H. Foley; Elizabeth R. Neblett
  • ISBN-13: 9780838467282 
  • 203 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition  |  Previous Editions: 1991
  • ©1998     Published
  • Level(s): High-intermediate
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About The Product

The New Grammar in Action series is a streamlined, fun-filled course in English that immediately gets students speaking, reading and writing in the language. More than just grammar books, this super popular series ACTIVELY prepares students for success in English outside of class.


  • Graphs, charts, and illustrations engage learners in using English in real, practical situations.
  • Various exercise types help students of differing learning styles and keep classes lively and motivating.
  • Assessment Booklet includes pre- and post-tests, as well as tests for each unit.

About the Contributor

  • Barbara H. Foley

    Barbara Foley is full-time professor of at Union County College, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. She has presented at numerous workshops, conferences, and colleges throughout the United States and Mexico, specifically in the areas of listening, CALL, grammar, communicative classroom activities, Generation 1.5 students, and Extensive Reading. Her many publications include English in Action, Grammar in Action, Listen to Me, Now Hear This, and workbooks for the Heinle Picture Dictionary.

  • Elizabeth R. Neblett

    Elizabeth Neblett teaches ESL full-time at Union County College in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition to teaching, Liz observes new faculty and helps with student and faculty problems. She has presented workshops on teaching at many TESOL conventions and has done workshops on how to use English in Action throughout Mexico. She has co-authored English in Action, Grammar in Action, Books 2-3, and Basic Grammar in Action.


Teacher Components

  • New Grammar in Action (Basic - 3): Assessment Booklet  (ISBN-10: 0838411231 | ISBN-13: 9780838411230)

Student Supplements

  • New Grammar in Action 3: Audio CD  (ISBN-10: 142404524X | ISBN-13: 9781424045242)
    The New Grammar in Action series offers a dynamic, communicative approach to language learning. The series presents English language structure through inviting contexts while integrating listening, speaking, writing, and reading practice. Learners are encourages to share their ideas and experiences and to think more critically about subject matter as they gain greater control and confidence in the target language.
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