Reading Matters 1

  • AUTHOR: Mary Lee Wholey
  • ISBN-13: 9780618475124 
  • 272 Pages  Paperback 
  • 2nd Edition
  • ©2007     Published
  • Level(s): Beginning
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About The Product

Stimulating readings and a communicative, integrated-skills approach help students to develop fluency and accuracy in academic reading. Organized into thematic units, the readings feature high-interest, contemporary topics in fields such as culture, science, the environment, business, sports, and entertainment. Extensive practice exercises accompany the selections helping students to understand the purpose and nature of different texts, master vocabulary for academic and professional success, and learn how to access information in the media and on the Internet. The series also includes writing and speaking practice activities.


  • Thought provoking Chapter Openers offer a wide range of activities, including graphs, surveys, and questionnaires.
  • Paired reading selections enable students to exchange information and to compare and contrast points of view.
  • A variety of vocabulary-rich reading selections provides students with the opportunity to develop automatic text-processing skills.
  • Reading activities integrate reading strategies, check comprehension, promote personalized responses, and provide opportunities to discuss ideas.
  • Online Teaching and Study Centers offer tools to aid instructors with classroom management.
  • Online Teaching and Study Centers feature additional exercises and vocabulary flashcards for students.

About the Contributor

  • Mary Lee Wholey

Table of Contents

UNIT 1: Communication: Talking to Each Other
1. Reading Body Language
2. Communication Across Cultures
3. Leave Me a Message
UNIT 2: The Mysteries of Sleep
4. Sleep: How Much is Not Enough?
5. Sleep Problems
6. Why Do We Dream?
UNIT 3: Relationships
7. Is Dating Still the Same?
8. Learning to Live Together
9. Neighbors
UNIT 4: The Challenge of Sports Today
10. The Challenge of the Triathalon
11. Looking for Excitement
12. Training for the Olympics Today: What Does It Take?
UNIT 5: Technology for Today's World
13. Food for the Twenty-First Century
14. New Ways to Keep in Touch
15. The Internet Offers and Eye on Your World
UNIT 6: Leisure
16. Today's Workweek: Do We Need Time Out?
17. Entertainment Choices
18. Meeting at the Mall: America's Growing Leisure Activity