English in Action

Language(s): American English


The second edition of English in Action provides learners with competency-based support for building language, life, and career skills in real-world settings. Learners are engaged as workers, family members, and citizens through a communicative, practical and active approach.

  • FUN! English in Action is filled with fun and exciting content and activities which motivate students to master the skills presented
  • ENGAGING! Empower students and promote learner persistence through dynamic, communicative activities, helping to build confidence in and out of the classroom
  • ACTION-PACKED! Encourage learners to communicate and participate in a lively learning process with interactive technology options, providing various avenues to learning

New to this edition:

  • Teacher Training Video features teaching tips from the authors and actual footage of English in Action being used in the classroom
  • “English in Action” sections practice the everyday skills students need to interact and solve problems in the real world
  • “Word Partnerships” provide students with frequent collocations to promote fluency
  • “World Builder” activities provide additional vocabulary practice and encourage students to get a deeper understanding of the target words

Updated for this edition:

  • "Working Together" activities build learner persistence through cooperative tasks, enhancing the classroom community

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Barbara H. Foley

Barbara Foley is full-time professor of at Union County College, Elizabeth, New Jersey, USA. She has presented at numerous workshops, conferences, and colleges throughout the United States and Mexico,... more

Elizabeth R. Neblett

Elizabeth Neblett teaches ESL full-time at Union County College in Elizabeth, New Jersey. In addition to teaching, Liz observes new faculty and helps ... more

Teachers can support classroom instruction with these technology resources:

  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® allows teachers to create, customize, and correct tests and quizzes quickly and easily
  • Classroom Audio CD contains the audio program for each Student Book
  • The Presentation Tool CD-ROM allows teachers to project interactive images from the Student Book
  • The Interactive CD-ROM features fun, interactive games and activities that reinforce each lesson

The Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView® allows teachers to create, customize, and correct tests and quizzes quickly and easily.