Aquarium on Wheels: Footprint Reading Library 6

  • AUTHOR: Rob Waring
  • ISBN-13: 9781424043743 
  • 24 Pages  Stitched binding 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2009     Published
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About The Product

People often visit aquariums to see sea creatures in their natural environment, but in Baltimore, a local program brings aquarium exhibits to people. Local teenagers travel to schools and libraries to educate children about sea life and conservation. How do people react to Aquarium on Wheels? What do the teenagers learn from their work?

About the Contributor

  • Rob Waring

    Dr. Rob Waring is an Associate Professor at Notre Dame Seishin Women's University in Okayama, Japan. His research interests extend to reading and the acquisition of vocabulary. He is a founding member of the Extensive Reading Foundation and a well-known expert on Extensive Reading. He has published many articles on Extensive Reading and is program advisor to many educational institutions throughout Asia. He maintains an Extensive Reading website, and is owner and moderator of the Extensive Reading discussion list. He was co-conference chair of JALT 2005 in Shizuoka, Japan.


Teacher Components

  • Footprint Reading Library 6: Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®  (ISBN-10: 1424044219 | ISBN-13: 9781424044214)
  • Footprint Reading Library 6: Teacher’s Manual  (ISBN-10: 1424043891 | ISBN-13: 9781424043897)

Student Supplements

  • Footprint Reading Library 6: Audio CD  (ISBN-10: 1424045207 | ISBN-13: 9781424045204)
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