English for Business Life

  • AUTHORS: Ian Badger; Pete Menzies
  • ©2008  | Published
  • Recommended For: Adult Education | Higher Education | Private Language Schools
  • Subject(s): Business English


About the Program

English for Business Life is written by experts in international business communication who understand how fast-moving changes are affecting the language and skills that people need to be effective in the workplace. The course presents the English essential for doing business in today’s global marketplace. It takes account of international contexts, countries and cultures and a business environment where English is often used as the language of communication between speakers of many nationalities.

About the Author

  • Ian Badger

    Ian Badger has extensive experience of developing courses and systems of language training for business. He is a partner in Business and Medical English Services, and a director of English4 Ltd. His publications include Everyday Business English, Everyday Business Writing and Business English Phrases.

  • Pete Menzies

    Pete Menzies is an associate of Pod (Professional and Organisational Development) and founder of Commnet, a dedicated training agency specialising in written communication and email management. Awards for his published work include the Duke of Edinburgh ESU Prize and the Gold Medal at the Leipzig Industrial Fair

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