Hot Topics 1

  • AUTHOR: Cheryl Pavlik
  • ISBN-13: 9781413007022 
  • 192 Pages  Paperback 
  • 1st Edition
  • ©2005     Published
  • Level(s): Low-intermediate (US)
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About The Product

HOT TOPICS is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while developing vocabulary and reading skills. The controversial topics explored in the text all have more than one side to them, thus encouraging debate and classroom discussion.


  • Three readings per chapter explore the same hot topic from different points of view. The readings in each chapter vary by genre and increase in difficulty to support reading development.
  • A focus on reading skills and reading comprehension through pre-reading questions, skimming and scanning activities, the use of context clues, vocabulary analysis, and the development of critical thinking skills helps students increase their reading fluency.
  • Open-ended questions at the end of every chapter encourage students to voice their opinions and defend their viewpoints either through discussion or in writing.

About the Contributor

  • Cheryl Pavlik

Table of Contents

1. Pampered Pets: Love me? Love my dog!
2. Silly Sports: Can you really call this a sport?
3. Modern Marriage: Until Death do us part?
4. Shopping: The new drug of choice.
5. Las Vegas: Sin City.
6. Shoplifting: Why is the price tag still on your hat?
7. Gluttony: Is thinner really better?
8. Get Rich Quick: Have I got a deal for YOU!
9. Sports Doping: How much does it matter if you win or lose?
10. White-collar Crime: When A LOT just isn't enough!
11. The Homeless: It's not their choice.
12. Beauty Contests: The business of beauty.
13. Drug Trends: Legal but lethal.
14. Nature: Paradise lost: Can we get it back?
Appendix 1. Information about the Homeless.
Appendix 2. CNN Video Activities.
Appendix 3. Vocabulary Index.


Teacher Components

  • Hot Topics (Books 1 - 3): Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView®  (ISBN-10: 1413007139 | ISBN-13: 9781413007138)
    CD-ROM enables instructor's to create tests and quizzes quickly and easily.
  • Hot Topics (Books 1 - 3): Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 1413007147 | ISBN-13: 9781413007145)
    Instructor's Manual offers instruction and tips to the teacher.

Student Supplements

  • Hot Topics 1: Audio CDs (2)  (ISBN-10: 1413007031 | ISBN-13: 9781413007039)
    HOT TOPICS is guaranteed to engage readers, stimulate thinking, and provoke conversation while supporting reading skills development. The controversial topics explored in the readings have more than one side to them, thus they encourage debate and the forming of opinions. Students won't be able to stop themselves from increasing their vocabulary and reading skills in English! Check out these hot topics: *Reality TV — Would you be a survivor? *Internet relationships — What are the advantages and risks? *Anger — Should it always be controlled? *Intelligence — How important is it? *Psychics — What do they know that we don't? *Gambling — When is a game not a game? *Privacy — Are our secrets for sale? *Lying — What's that on your résumé? *Fame — Can we please have just 15 minutes of it?
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