Collins COBUILD Dictionaries of English

Language(s): American English


More than simple reference books, the Collins COBUILD dictionaries, created with National Geographic Learning, are pedagogically rich, engaging, full-color language learning tools. While any good learner’s dictionary helps a learner understand the meaning of a word, COBUILD dictionaries do more by showing learners how to use that word correctly and appropriately.

All Collins COBUILD dictionaries are designed to help learners understand and use vocabulary, collocations, phrases, expressions, and patterns effectively and accurately in their daily lives.

Support for these learners includes:

  • Full sentence definitions to show learners how that word is used correctly in context.
  • Supporting example sentences to give more language support to the learner.
  • Vocabulary builders, which show learners how to use high frequency words correctly including Word Webs, Picture Dictionary boxes, Word Partnerships, Thesaurus, Word Worlds, and more.

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Through a collaborative initiative, Collins COBUILD and National Geographic Learning are co-publishing a dynamic new line of learners' dictionaries offering unparalleled pedagogy and learners resource... more