Our World 4 with Student's CD-ROM

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Language(s): British English

Level(s): A2

Author : Kate Cory-Wright

Composer : Clementown

Series Editors : Dr. Joan Kang Shin; Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall


176 Pages  Paperback 

1st Edition

©2014 , Published

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$25.75 WHOLESALE (Net)

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Our World is a balanced four-skills series with age-appropriate National Geographic content that motivates and excites young learners of English and helps them use English as a tool to learn about and interact with the world.

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National Geographic video inspires and motivates young learners.

Our World Readers encourage reading for fun, and bring storytelling into your classroom.

Free online activities and support are available for teachers and learners at myNGconnect.com

Instructor Components
Our World 4-6: Assessment Book with Audio CD


Our World 4-6: ExamView© CD-ROM with Assessment Audio CD


Our World 4: Classroom DVD


Our World 4: Interactive Whiteboard DVD


Our World 4: Lesson Planner with Audio CD and Teacher's Resource CD-ROM


Our World 4: Poster Set


Our World Readers: Level 4 Story Time DVD


Our World: Professional Development Classroom Presentation Tool DVD


Our World: Professional Development Video Program DVD


Student Components
Our World Readers: The Mirror


Tae Hyun buys a mirror for his wife as a present. No one in his family has ever seen a mirror before. When the family members look in the mirror, they don't recognize themselves. Will they figure out that they are looking... more

Our World Readers: The Empty Pot


The Emperor gives a seed to each gardener in the village, telling the gardeners that the person who grows the most beautiful plant will become the next Emperor. Young Cheng cares for his seed, but no plant grows. How... more

Our World Readers: Rhodopis


Rhodopis is a good and kind servant. But the other servants in the house treat her badly and make her do all the chores. One day, the Pharaoh invites everyone to a party. The other servants tell Rhodopis that she can't g... more

Our World Readers: Tender Flower and the Medicine


During a cold, snowy winter, young Tender Flower is the only person in her village who does not become sick. To get medicine, Tender Flower and her dog must go to the village on the other side of the... more

Our World Readers: The Green Rabbit


Marisol, a beautiful young woman, is followed home by a green rabbit. That night, the rabbit turns into a handsome prince. The prince is under a spell. Only someone who truly loves him can break the spell and mak... more

Our World Readers: Stormalong and the Giant Octopus


Alfred B. Stormalong is a giant man who is the captain of a giant sailing ship. One day while Stormy and his crew are catching fish in the Atlantic, something in the ocean pulls on the ship's ancho... more

Our World Readers: Sweet Surprises, Accidental Food Inventions


Some inventions are created on purpose, like the television or the car. But some inventions are created by accident. Some of the most popular snacks and desserts were invented this way. ... more

Our World 4: Workbook with Audio CD


Our World Readers: Hurum's Hobby


Many kids have a hobby. Some kids leave their hobby behind as they grow up. But others turn their hobby into the work they do as an adult, like Jørn Hurum. Read to learn about Jørn’s childhood hobby and how it beca... more

Our World Readers: The Tug-of-War


One morning, the animals in the jungle had an argument. Some said Elephant was the strongest animal in the jungle. Others said Hippo was the strongest. When Turtle says that he is the strongest, the other animals la... more

Our World 4: Grammar Workbook