Steps to Academic Reading 5: Between the Lines

  • AUTHORS: Jean Zukowski/Faust; Susan S. Johnston
  • ISBN-13: 9780030339943 
  • 255 Pages  Paperback 
  • 3rd Edition  |  Previous Editions: 1997
  • ©2003     Published
  • Level(s): High-intermediate
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About The Product

Immerse your students in refreshing and lively topics while increasing their vocabulary base and preparing them for academic assignments. This series for beginning to high-intermediate learners offers robust comprehension activities that encourage students to access and interact with text and to develop reading and critical thinking skills.


  • New thematic readings propel learners to read critically and strategically.
  • "Reading Between the Lines" sections integrate the reading skills and provide practice in skimming, scanning, surveying, generalizing, synopsizing, inferring, and concluding.
  • Includes new topics for discussion, writing prompts, and suggestions for using additional materials.

About the Contributor

  • Jean Zukowski/Faust

  • Susan S. Johnston

Table of Contents

1. Ecology: Our Planet Earth
2. Business: The Bottom Line
3. Agriculture: From the Ground Up
4. Geology: Plate Tectonics
5. Sociology: Peace Education
6. Archeology: Digging Into History
7. Intelligence: Real and Virtual
8. Aesthetics: Expressions of Beauty